Today in History

1429 – Armagnac–Burgundian Civil War: Joan of Arc liberates Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier.
1501 – Catherine of Aragon (later Henry VIII’s first wife) meets Arthur Tudor, Henry VIII’s older brother – they would later marry.
1576 – Eighty Years’ War: In Flanders, Spain captures Antwerp (after three days the city is nearly destroyed).
1677 – The future Mary II of England marries William, Prince of Orange; they later jointly reign as William and Mary.
1737 – The Teatro di San Carlo is inaugurated.
1780 – The Rebellion of Túpac Amaru II against Spanish rule in the Viceroyalty of Peru begins.
1783 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 36 is performed for the first time in Linz, Austria.
1791 – The Western Confederacy of American Indians wins a major victory over the United States in the Battle of the Wabash.
1798 – Beginning of the Russo-Ottoman siege of Corfu.
1839 – Newport Rising: The last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain.
1847 – Sir James Young Simpson, a Scottish physician, discovers the anaesthetic properties of chloroform.
1852 – Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour becomes the prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia, which soon expands to become Italy.
1864 – American Civil War: Battle of Johnsonville: Confederate troops bombard a Union supply base and destroy millions of dollars in material.
1868 – Camagüey, Cuba revolts against Spain during the Ten Years’ War.
1890 – City and South London Railway: London’s first deep-level tube railway opens between King William Street and Stockwell.
1912 – First Balkan War: The First Battle of Çatalca begins – an attempt by Bulgaria to break through the last defensive line before the Turkish capital Constantinople.
1918 – World War I: The Armistice of Villa Giusti between Italy and Austria-Hungary is implemented.
1921 – The Saalschutz Abteilung (hall defense detachment) of the Nazi Party is renamed the Sturmabteilung (storm detachment) after a large riot in Munich.
1921 – Japanese Prime Minister Hara Takashi is assassinated in Tokyo.
1922 – In Egypt, British archaeologist Howard Carter and his men find the entrance to Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
1924 – Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming is elected the first female governor in the United States.
1924 – Calvin Coolidge wins a full term as President of the United States.
1939 – World War II: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the United States Customs Service to implement the Neutrality Act of 1939, allowing cash-and-carry purchases of weapons by belligerents.
1942 – World War II: Second Battle of El Alamein: Disobeying a direct order by Adolf Hitler, General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel leads his forces on a five-month retreat.
1944 – World War II: Bitola Liberation Day
1952 – The United States government establishes the National Security Agency, or NSA.
1952 – Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected the 34th President of the United States.
1956 – Soviet troops enter Hungary to end the Hungarian revolution against the Soviet Union, that started on October 23. Thousands are killed, more are wounded, and nearly a quarter million leave the country.
1960 – At the Kasakela Chimpanzee Community in Tanzania, Dr Jane Goodall observes chimpanzees creating tools, the first-ever observation in non-human animals.
1962 – The United States concludes Operation Fishbowl, its final above-ground nuclear weapons testing series, in anticipation of the 1963 Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
1966 – The Arno River floods Florence, Italy, to a maximum depth of 6.7 m (22 ft), leaving thousands homeless and destroying millions of masterpieces of art and rare books. Also Venice was submerged on the same day at its record all-time acqua alta of 194 cm.
1970 – Vietnam War: Vietnamization: The United States turns control of the air base at Bình Thủy in the Mekong Delta over to South Vietnam.
1970 – Salvador Allende takes office as President of Chile, the first Marxist to become president of a Latin American country through open elections.
1973 – The Netherlands experiences the first Car-Free Sunday caused by the 1973 oil crisis. Highways are used only by cyclists and roller skaters.
1979 – Iran hostage crisis: A mob of Iranians, mostly students, overruns the US embassy in Tehran and takes 90 hostages (53 of whom are American).
1980 – Ronald Reagan is elected the 40th President of The United States, defeating incumbent Jimmy Carter.
1993 – China Airlines Flight 605, a brand new 747-400, overruns the runway at Kai Tak Airport.
1995 – Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated by an extremist Israeli.
2002 – Chinese authorities arrest cyber-dissident He Depu for signing a pro-democracy letter to the 16th Communist Party Congress.
2008 – Barack Obama becomes the first person of biracial or African-American descent to be elected President of the United States.
2010 – Aero Caribbean Flight 883 crashes into Guasimal, Sancti Spíritus. All 68 passengers and crew were killed.
2010 – Qantas Flight 32, an Airbus A380, suffers an uncontained engine failure over Indonesia shortly after taking off from Singapore, crippling the jet. The crew manage to safely return to Singapore, saving all 469 passengers and crew.
2015 – A cargo plane crashes shortly after takeoff from Juba International Airport in Juba, South Sudan, killing 37 people.
2015 – A building collapses in the Pakistani city of Lahore resulting in at least 45 deaths, at least 100 injured.

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Horoscope for Today Monday, October 2, 2017


The Jupiter-Moon trine should bring about more optimism and improve chances at succeeding in various fields.

This is a favorable time for business endeavors and for solving difficult issues in one’s social life.
Aries Today

This morning you might make a major decision which would require changing your schedule completely. A close friend could ask you for help with a health issue, and you should help without hesitation.

During the afternoon you might deal with a financial issue. Avoid speculations of any kind!

When making major decisions you can rely on intuition.
Taurus Today

You might learn that tomorrow you will have to go on a business trip. This could conflict with your schedule, but you may remain optimistic: the trip should bring about positive changes in your love life.

Avoid arguments with a lady from your circle!
Gemini Today

You can tackle significant business issues successfully, and should be able to conclude activities initiated a long time ago. You might find a solution to long-postponed financial issues.

Communication with your friends and loved one should be very good.

Don’t make promises you’re not sure you can keep!
Cancer Today

You seem to be very active and sociable, and partnerships are favored.

You may be facing difficulties in your love life, but you remain optimistic.

You have no reason to worry about health or career.
Leo Today

You are likely to achieve great things via a business venture, with significant material rewards.

This afternoon you might be offered a part-time job.

During a trip for personal reasons you could meet someone important who may later become a business partner.
Virgo Today

Partnerships are favored today. Anything you initiate today is likely to become a success.

Chances are you’ll be successful in business and manage to solve financial family issues.

Avoid speculations of any kind!
Libra Today

Positive changes are likely to occur in both your professional and social life. Your way of doing things might not please everybody, but should allow you to achieve your goals.

You might spend the afternoon with friends. You should pay your family duties the attention they deserve.
Scorpio Today

You seem to be in top intellectual shape and cooperate with people from your circle in an excellent manner.

You can succeed in all pursuits related to home and family.

You should take into consideration your loved one’s opinions.
Sagittarius Today

You might be surprised by your success in the social and financial departments. Make the most of this favorable circumstance, but avoid pushing your luck!

During the afternoon, you might have to go on a trip on very short notice. It could be a trip for personal reasons, which might bring you significant material gain.

You should be very careful with your papers.
Capricorn Today

After a rather disappointing term, today you might be surprised by how well things are going in your love life and financial department.

Your clever ideas should play a major role in completing a major project at work. Don’t underestimate the role of teamwork in achieving success today!
Aquarius Today

During the morning you might dedicate your time to solving some financial issue that’s been holding back a business project. To this end you might have to go on a trip out of town.

Your efforts should be fully rewarded so you’ll manage to recover your expenses very soon.

Pay more attention to family issues!
Pisces Today

Your financial situation will start improving. You might receive a bonus at work, as a reward for having concluded an important project, or you may inherit something unexpectedly.

If you have any doubts as to what to do with the money, you might want to know that long-term investments are favored today.

You should take better care of yourself and pay more attention to your need for rest.

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Horoscope for Today Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Moon-Neptune square is expected to boost physical and emotional energies. However, bad moods, confusion, and rudeness may also be present.

You might also experience apathy or aloofness. Try to control yourself, and avoid making major decisions today!
Aries Today

During the morning, confusion and oversensitivity might affect your relationships with friends, mostly because you are likely to misunderstand others.

You should postpone important meetings with serious implications regarding your career or business.

You may want to consider a close relative’s advice, because your own intuition might not be very reliable today.
Taurus Today

The failure to complete an important task on time might upset you. Don’t push it! You seem to be lacking practical sense today.

You may feel worn out and unable to focus.

You should relax and spend more time in your loved one’s company.
Gemini Today

The relationship with your loved one will be very good and you will have the opportunity to spend romantic moments together, possibly on a short trip.

You might also decide to buy a valuable item for your home.

You should avoid getting involved in sensitive matters, because you may not achieve the desired results.
Cancer Today

This morning you might be oversensitive, unable to focus or make the best decisions. You’d better avoid investing and business deals, as well as any challenging activity.

You should stick to routine activities today. Try to rest more and pay more attention to your love life!
Leo Today

You might be in a bad disposition because your financial situation isn’t very good. This is not a good time for making major decisions.

You may want to avoid meeting with business partners or friends. You’re not in the best shape and might harm your relationships.

Keep calm and avoid getting into arguments with your family!
Virgo Today

During the morning you might be in state of confusion. Your partnerships could be affected.

If you are given the opportunity to join in a new business partnership, don’t rush to say yes! You’d better ask for your loved one’s opinion first.
Libra Today

Avoid taking any risks today! You seem not to be in the best shape, either physically or intellectually.

You may want to avoid heated arguments with an older person who will try to influence you regarding a business project.

You should arm yourself with patience.
Scorpio Today

Unexpected events might occur during the morning, compelling you to change the schedule for the whole day.

You could meet an important person who may help you initiate a business project later. You should avoid making hasty decisions.

You might spend the evening with this new acquaintance.
Sagittarius Today

You might experience health issues due to exhaustion. You should work less and rest more for a while.

During the evening, a close friend might invite you to a party. You should take advantage of this opportunity, but avoid eating or drinking too much.
Capricorn Today

You might experience a misunderstanding with your friends. You’d better keep your temper in check.

During the afternoon you’ll be in a better mood and will have better chances at spending a romantic time in the company of your loved one.
Aquarius Today

Nothing seems to go your way. You’re obviously lacking practical sense today.

You shouldn’t push things. The best thing you can do today is to relax.

If you have the chance to make a trip together with your family, go for it! Let go of your reluctance!
Pisces Today

You have great plans and intend to finalize an activity you’ve started a long time ago.

Your schedule might change suddenly, following a phone call from a relative. You might have to go on a trip. A person dear to you might be experiencing health issues.

You should double-check your luggage and papers.


Horoscope for Today Monday, September 25, 2017

The Moon-Venus square predisposes to conflict in one’s love life as well as social conflicts. However, the outcome might be positive.

You should do your best to avoid any arguments.

Aries Today

You may go through some tense situations caused by a misunderstanding with one of your workmates or partners.

Today you may find it difficult to focus. You should postpone making major decisions.

It would be wise for you to avoid getting into arguments.


Taurus Today

You might be bothered by a task you have to complete urgently.

Canceling a trip that was planned for today could affect your love life. Your loved one might not believe you’re really busy.

You should keep calm and be patient.


Gemini Today

A business trip you’re on could be successful, provided you avoid controversies with those accompanying you.

During the afternoon you might manage to solve an old emotional issue.

You shouldn’t worry about money. It will probably soon come your way.


Cancer Today

During the morning you seem to be edgy and might hurt your loved one’s feelings. Apologize and avoid a quarrel!

Today is not favorable for business deals or meeting friends.

This afternoon you could decide to take care of your health, much to the satisfaction of one of your parents.


Leo Today

You could be in a bad mood because a business project has failed.

You might have a heated argument with your loved one if you decide to change your schedule on very short notice.

Stick to activities that aren’t too challenging and pay more attention to your need for rest!


Virgo Today

You might not be in very good shape and tend to have a short fuse.

Today isn’t favorable for making major decisions or plans for the future. You shouldn’t sign any official paper.

Avoid getting into arguments!


Libra Today

You might get into arguments with your family because of certain financial difficulties. To avoid unpleasantness consider the needs of all family members!

You shouldn’t get involved into more activities at once, or you might complete none successfully.

Pay more attention to your need for rest!


Scorpio Today

Your communicational skills don’t seem to be at their best today. It would be better to postpone all meetings.

You shouldn’t get involved in important endeavors that require smooth talking.

On the other hand, you could be able to solve family issues pretty easily.


Sagittarius Today

The enthusiasm you show today might make some people envious.

There might be an argument with your loved one because you’ve been spending too much time in the company of friends.

You should pay more attention to your family.


Capricorn Today

You could face difficulties in your social life and be involved in an argument. Try to avoid fights!

You may want to accept the support offered by friends and family, in order to complete all your tasks for today.


Aquarius Today

During the morning you could be confused due to emotional issues.

You might get the chance to gain some money from part-time jobs, but you should remain cautious.

Consider the advice of a more experienced person!


Pisces Today

You may be edgy without a real reason, and tempted to act on impulse. You risk hurting the feelings of an elder lady from your circle.

You shouldn’t get involved in business activities or sign official documents today.

During the evening you could make the right decision regarding a trip.


Horoscope for Today

Horoscope for Today

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Moon-Jupiter square may predispose to conflicts in your love and social life, as well as misunderstandings with your loved one and friends.

Yet another effect of this astrological configuration deserves attention: the tendency to overreact on emotional matters.

Aries Today

You are likely to feel discontent with everything and tend to criticize everybody. Control your criticism, or it could be seen as a bad attitude!

You might also be facing difficulties in your love life.

During the afternoon you may find out that a relative from out of town is going to visit.

Taurus Today

This morning you may feel weak and unable to complete a task that has been keeping you busy for quite a while. Workmates could remonstrate you with this, and tensions might run high.

Do your best to avoid heated arguments!

You need to rest more.

Gemini Today

You seem to be upset because of some matters of the heart. Relationships with friends may also be affected if you avoid meeting them.

On the other hand, you have good chances at succeeding in any domestic-related activities like redecorating, moving furniture, and so on.

Today you can rely on your intuition.

Cancer Today

You seem to be unhappy and tend to get angry with just about everything and everyone. Apparently you have a very short fuse and tend to get mad either because your loved one has spent too much or because you have misplaced something, or so on.

Try to keep your temper in check and avoid overreacting!

Leo Today

During the morning, your higher-ups may give you some news which could make you change your schedule completely.

Your state of confusion should pass shortly, so you have no real reason to worry.

Try to avoid long trips. If you have to travel, take good care of your papers and luggage!

Virgo Today

You may argue with your loved one because you tend to disagree with the changes they want to make at home. To avoid tensions, you’d better consider the needs of those close to you.

Today you may want to take better care of yourself and rest more.

Libra Today

You may be facing difficulties in the emotional and financial departments. You should remain calm and arm yourself with patience.

Your friends’ and relatives’ advice may prove to be very helpful.

Scorpio Today

This morning you may be nervous, because an important business meeting has been delayed. You should keep your temper in check in order to avoid putting yourself in delicate situations.

It would be better to talk calmly to your loved one in order to avoid a fight.

Sagittarius Today

During the morning you may be deeply disappointed because a friend you were counting on has been badmouthing you.

Try to focus on the most important tasks that you are expected to complete today.

The relationship with your loved one should be very good, keeping your morale high.

Capricorn Today

A business partner may prove to be unfair. This could be upsetting and make you decide not to trust them anymore.

You should be cautious in everything you do. This isn’t a good time for making investments.

During the afternoon a neighbor might ask you for help in a health matter.

Aquarius Today

This morning you may find out about the illness of a relative and get very upset.

You might be unable to focus very well, so you should avoid making major decisions.

Try to avoid arguments with an elder woman.

Pisces Today

You may want to postpone business projects and meetings with important persons.

This morning a younger relative might ask you for a loan. This may be related to education, for instance buying textbooks.

During the evening you might find out that a relative is preparing for a trip abroad.


What happened On This Day

1056 Byzantine Empress Theodora becomes ill, dying suddenly a few days later, without children to succeed the throne, ending the Macedonian dynasty
1142 Possible date for establishment of the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) League – with the aid of Hiawatha and Deganawidah
1945 The Liberal Party of Australia is founded by Robert Menzies

1957 Federation of Malaya gains independence from Great Britain
1994 The Provisional Irish Republican Army declares a ceasefire
1997 Diana, Princess of Wales, dies in a car crash in a road tunnel in Paris

1999 – The first of a series of bombings in Moscow kills one person and wounds 40 others.
1999 – A LAPA Boeing 737-200 crashes during takeoff from Jorge Newbury Airport in Buenos Aires, killing 65, including two on the ground.
2005 – The 2005 Al-Aaimmah bridge stampede in Baghdad kills 1,199 people.
2006 – Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream, stolen on August 22, 2004, is recovered in a raid by Norwegian police.
2016 – Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff is impeached and removed from office.


Thursday, August 31, 2017 The Uranus-Moon trine may bring about interesting and unusual changes in all departments. It should therefore be of no surprise to you if strange events occur. Solutions to old issues may suddenly be found.

Aries Today
After a rather difficult term in your love life, things might go particularly well today. The general atmosphere may work in your favor.

Don’t try to impose your strong views on others! You would risk disappointing your friends.

During the afternoon you may have to go on a business-related trip.
Taurus Today
You seem to be in very good intellectual shape. Your initiative may impress your partners.

You are likely to succeed in all departments and have good chances at earning big.

Try to plan in detail, in order to avoid wasting your energy.

You may want to consider your loved one’s opinion.
Gemini Today
Major changes might occur in your professional and social connections. You could manage to find original solutions which your workmates and higher-ups will appreciate.

Friends may visit you during the afternoon. Try to be well-balanced in order to not affect your health.

You should pay attention to your loved one’s problems.
Cancer Today
Before noon you could learn that a business project which didn’t seem very promising is likely to bring you significant benefits.

The opportunity may arise for you to join in a new business partnership. You might want to decline the offer, because it would require too much of your time, making your loved one feel neglected.
Leo Today
You might have the opportunity to join in a new business partnership, or be offered a new job. You shouldn’t make a final decision until you carefully weigh all the pros and cons.

Consider the advice of an older and more experienced person!

During the afternoon you could make an inspired decision regarding your home.
Virgo Today
You might have a successful meeting with important people. Your ideas will most likely be appreciated.

Today is favorable for strengthening old relationships and making new friends.

You should listen to other people’s opinions, because they may later prove to be useful.
Libra Today
This morning you could have to make unexpected expenses, but your family seems to be on board.

During the afternoon you may have to make last minute changes in your schedule. You could have to take care of a relative who has fallen seriously ill.

To be able to cope with all the problems, you need to arm yourself with patience.

Scorpio Tomorrow
If the opportunity arises for you to join in a new partnership, you should accept without hesitation, because it may bring about major changes in your life. Chances are you will improve your budget significantly.

You can succeed in business. You may get the opportunity to earn some extra money, but should avoid speculations of any kind.
Sagittarius Tomorrow
Unexpected events may occur during the morning, interfering with all your plans.

Relatives from out of town might visit you by surprise. You should keep calm and be a good host.

This afternoon, an experienced person could give you useful advice for business.
Capricorn Tomorrow
You might manage a significant achievement before noon. It definitely looks like now is your time.

You might get the opportunity to start a new profitable business. To be on the safe side, you’d better ask for the support of a close friend.

The relationship with your loved one should be going very well.

Try to avoid arguments with younger family members!
Aquarius Tomorrow
You may be at a turning point in your life. Special satisfactions are in store for you.

Your social skills and excellent intellectual resources could allow you to succeed in the professional and social departments.

You should rely on intuition, particularly during the afternoon when you might have to make a major decision regarding your love life.
Pisces Tomorrow
You can be remarkably successful in the material and social departments.

Make the most of these favorable circumstances, but make sure you’re not pushing your luck!

During the afternoon you might have to go on an unexpected trip that could bring you significant benefits. Do your best to take proper care of documents.