Horoscope for Today Friday, November 24, 2017

The Moon-Jupiter square may predispose to conflicts in your love and social life, as well as misunderstandings with your loved one and friends.

Yet another effect of this astrological configuration deserves attention: the tendency to overreact on emotional matters.
Aries Today

You are likely to feel discontent with everything and tend to criticize everybody. Control your criticism, or it could be seen as a bad attitude!

You might also be facing difficulties in your love life.

During the afternoon you may find out that a relative from out of town is going to visit.
Taurus Today

This morning you may feel weak and unable to complete a task that has been keeping you busy for quite a while. Workmates could remonstrate you with this, and tensions might run high.

Do your best to avoid heated arguments!

You need to rest more.
Gemini Today

You seem to be upset because of some matters of the heart. Relationships with friends may also be affected if you avoid meeting them.

On the other hand, you have good chances at succeeding in any domestic-related activities like redecorating, moving furniture, and so on.

Today you can rely on your intuition.
Cancer Today

You seem to be unhappy and tend to get angry with just about everything and everyone. Apparently you have a very short fuse and tend to get mad either because your loved one has spent too much or because you have misplaced something, or so on.

Try to keep your temper in check and avoid overreacting!
Leo Today

During the morning, your higher-ups may give you some news which could make you change your schedule completely.

Your state of confusion should pass shortly, so you have no real reason to worry.

Try to avoid long trips. If you have to travel, take good care of your papers and luggage!
Virgo Today

You may argue with your loved one because you tend to disagree with the changes they want to make at home. To avoid tensions, you’d better consider the needs of those close to you.

Today you may want to take better care of yourself and rest more.
Libra Today

You may be facing difficulties in the emotional and financial departments. You should remain calm and arm yourself with patience.

Your friends’ and relatives’ advice may prove to be very helpful.
Scorpio Today

This morning you may be nervous, because an important business meeting has been delayed. You should keep your temper in check in order to avoid putting yourself in delicate situations.

It would be better to talk calmly to your loved one in order to avoid a fight.
Sagittarius Today

During the morning you may be deeply disappointed because a friend you were counting on has been badmouthing you.

Try to focus on the most important tasks that you are expected to complete today.

The relationship with your loved one should be very good, keeping your morale high.
Capricorn Today

A business partner may prove to be unfair. This could be upsetting and make you decide not to trust them anymore.

You should be cautious in everything you do. This isn’t a good time for making investments.

During the afternoon a neighbor might ask you for help in a health matter.
Aquarius Today

This morning you may find out about the illness of a relative and get very upset.

You might be unable to focus very well, so you should avoid making major decisions.

Try to avoid arguments with an elder woman.
Pisces Today

You may want to postpone business projects and meetings with important persons.

This morning a younger relative might ask you for a loan. This may be related to education, for instance buying textbooks.

During the evening you might find out that a relative is preparing for a trip abroad.

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Horoscope for Today Monday, November 20, 2017

The Moon-Saturn conjunction increases the need for security in relationships and for domestic stability. This could very well be a subconscious way of resisting changes.

There’s no reason to worry. This situation cannot last long, since it’s caused by the fast moving Moon.

Aries Today

You may not be in the mood for doing anything or seeing anybody today. Be careful not to isolate yourself!

You’d better try to be more sociable.

You’ll eventually realize that the problems bothering you aren’t as serious as you think.
Taurus Today

Today isn’t favorable for you to travel or to obtain financial benefits.

Your state of inhibition and lack of sociability may lead to failure in business and disappointment in the social department.

Your love life won’t be affected, provided you pay more attention to your loved one’s needs.

Do your best to communicate more!
Gemini Today

Today you may not be in a very good mood, and your communication skills might not be at their best.

This is not a good day for going out with friends, let alone meeting with important people.

Avoid making major investments or buying valuable items! Otherwise you’re likely to regret it later.
Cancer Today

This morning you could be in a state of apathy, and your workmates and friends will try to help you get out of it.

Your bad mood may be caused by exhaustion or by the financial problems that have been bothering you lately.

You should avoid making important decisions by yourself. You’d better postpone any sensitive activity that requires focusing.
Leo Today

Today isn’t favorable for meeting with friends. You seem to be in a state of inhibition that will prevent you from expressing yourself clearly.

You should avoid making investments or buying valuable items today.

Try to unwind – for instance, by making future plans for your family.
Virgo Today

You’ll feel the need to make changes or get involved in new activities. This is a favorable time for matters of the heart and domestic activities.

Your ideas might not get the appreciation they deserve.

You shouldn’t sign any documents or make business deals today.
Libra Today

This morning you’ll have many problems to solve, but you’ll be full of energy and able to cope with them all.

You may be facing financial difficulties.

You should pay more attention to your family and love life.
Scorpio Today

It’s time to take it easy at work, and pay more attention to your loved one.

You may want to postpone business projects, because you’re prone to losing money.

You’d better stick to routine domestic activities.
Sagittarius Today

This morning the opportunity to start a business might arise. Don’t rush! Take your time and sleep on it for a night or two.

Your love life will be favored today and there’s a good chance you’ll spend a romantic evening.
Capricorn Today

Your communicational skills may not be at their best today, and this might affect your social and emotional relationships.

It isn’t recommended for you to get involved in new projects or deals today, even if your friends will be making tempting offers.
Aquarius Today

You’ll be in very good intellectual shape.

You can succeed in all domestic activities.

You should sort out your priorities in order to be more time-efficient.

Don’t ignore your loved one’s opinions!
Pisces Today

You’ll feel the need to talk to a person of the opposite sex about your matters of the heart.

You may feel that you’ve been neglected. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the blues!

Your inhibitions and lack of sociability might aggravate the misunderstandings with your loved one.

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Horoscope for Today Saturday, November 18, 2017

The New Moon – i.e. the Sun-Moon conjunction – signifies the beginning of a new life cycle and favors a new beginning in any field.

The optimism it brings can stimulate you to take action where you’d otherwise feel reluctant to.

It’s a good day for putting those secret plans into practice.
Aries Today

This morning you might unexpectedly receive financial help and manage to start a new tedious task.

Avoid speculations, because you risk suffering serious loss!

Above all, don’t rush!
Taurus Today

You might meet someone who could share business secrets that will stimulate you to start a small business project of your own.

You may succeed in any field if you are determined, provided you remain patient and wait for the results of your work to start showing.
Gemini Today

You’re probably about to take an important step in your life. Friends and relatives will most likely be very supportive.

Don’t worry about finances! An older lady in the family could help overcome your difficulties.
Cancer Today

You seem determined to start a new life and get into business. During the afternoon you could find the optimal solution for implementing your plan.

You’d better not neglect your need for rest! Otherwise, you may experience a burnout.
Leo Today

This seems to be the right time for long-term investments. In spite of the high risks involved, you appear to be optimistic because you’re sure you can rely on your loved one’s support.

Try to be modest, even if you receive high praise.

Avoid eating in excess, because you’re most likely predisposed to digestive problems.
Virgo Today

You seem to be in good shape and able to succeed in both business and love life.

There’s no reason to worry about your health. Your morale should be great.

During the afternoon you may be offered a part time job.
Libra Today

You might get the opportunity to solve the financial difficulties you’ve been facing lately. In fact, the chance to join in a new business project could come your way.

This is a good time for strengthening friendships and making new friends.

Avoid speculations, and rely on intuition!
Scorpio Today

You seem to be in very good shape. It’s time to initiate new household-related activities.

Your loved one is by your side, and an older relative seems willing to offer the financial support you need.

Be more optimistic and confident!
Sagittarius Today

You seem to be determined to deal with domestic issues.

An older family member might offer to give the help you need, but could try to influence your ideas. Avoid an argument, because it would only bring tension in the family for a long time!

During the evening you may receive good news from a close friend.
Capricorn Today

You probably intend to buy a new house or exchange properties. Avoid making hasty decisions! You should ask for your family’s opinion on the subject first.

On the other hand, you may want to consider what financial resources you have available.
Aquarius Today

A business project that you have recently initiated could start to earn you significant benefits.

You should avoid speculations today if you want to stay out of trouble with authorities.

Don’t make hasty decisions, especially during the afternoon!
Pisces Today

Creativity and resourcefulness could help you start a new business. Should you encounter financial difficulties, try to ask an older relative for a loan.

No matter how busy you are at work, don’t neglect your loved one!

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Your Murder Weapon Of Choice, According To Your Zodiac

Even the cheeriest of people have a bit of a dark side to them. Maybe it’s deep down inside of them. Maybe it’s hidden away. But it’s there. It’s definitely there. So in the hypothetical event in which you’d be living out a sort of “Clue” scenario and would therefore need a murder weapon of your choosing, you’ll need to dig deep inside into that dark pit of yours to pick one. Just how dark does that pit of yours get? Keep reading to discover your murder weapon of choice, according to your Zodiac. Which murder weapon would you choose? Let us know!

Virgo. If there’s one thing anyone can say about you, it’s that you’re efficient. This is precisely why, when it comes to choosing a murder a weapon, poison is the way to go. You’d rather not have a mess on your hands, and you’d also rather not have any ties to the crime. So, poison.

Aries. Your murder weapon of choice needs to exude adventure. It needs to represent movement and suddenness. This is why the bow and arrow is perfect for you. You don’t need to bother with gizmos or gadgets — just the few tools you have at hand.

Capricorn. Whether it has to do with cheerfulness or darkness, you’d just rather not get yourself involved. This is exactly why your murder weapon of choice would have to be a grenade. With a grenade, you can literally just throw a solution at your problems and be done with it.

Scorpio. When it comes to choosing a murder weapon, most people settle on the basics. But not you. You go a step further. You use the “Necronomicon” (or book of the dead) to summon Hell’s demons to tear out the soul of your enemy. How lovely.

Taurus. You like to consider yourself a relatively placid individual, but you’re only as calm as your lifestyle permits. When everything is going well, you’re doing fine. But when everything is spiraling downward, you get a little bumpy — not unlike some rocky water, which, incidentally, is your murder weapon of choice.

Leo. At your core, you’re a protector. You’re at your best when you’re keeping those closest to you safe. This is why the pistol is your murder weapon of choice. You’re not looking for theatrics or style. You just want to get the job done, if there’s ever such a heinous job that needs doing.

Pisces. It’s not that you’re lazy, it’s just that your head is sometimes in the clouds. It wanders. But that’s OK. “Not all who wander are lost,” after all. So when it comes to choosing a murder weapon, you need something simple and quaint. You need a noose. It’s a bit more personal than you’re likely to be, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Sagittarius. Since the only murdering you’d be capable of is killing people with kindness, that’s exactly your weapon of choice. It’s kindness. Not exactly the most badass of choices, but it’s yours all the same. Just be happy that it won’t put you behind bars. OK?

Gemini. You can handle just about anything. You adapt. You’re naturally skilled. But when it comes to choosing a murder weapon, you needn’t show off any of those qualities. You go the classic route (as in classic horror, ala “Halloween”). You choose the kitchen knife. Hell, when you’re done using it, you could even incorporate it into your dinner. See? Adaptability.

Aquarius. If blood must be shed, then it’s going to happen under as light a circumstance as you can manage. This is why your murder weapon of choice is a pair of nunchucks. Horse around, have some fun and if, god forbid, something lethal comes into play, it was all in good fun. Right?

Cancer. There are few weapons more relatable to your emotional bouts than the chainsaw. Just like you, it can seem docile and steady, but just like you, it can also go berserk without a moment’s notice. The chainsaw was made for you.

Libra. If you’re going to embrace something as horrific as murder, then you’re going to do it with some style. It’s only natural. Just like Beatrix Kiddo in “Kill Bill,” your murder weapon of choice is the katana. It’s strong, reliable, efficient and glorious, which is precisely how you see yourself.

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