The tropical storm Hurricane Harvey has brought a lot of devastation to the city of Houston. According to USA Today, the storm has broken an all-time record for the state of Texas and is only a few inches away from shattering the record for the entire country. Harvey has accumulated a total of 49.32 inches of rain so far, which breaks the former record of 48″ set in Medina, TX in 1978.

The severeness of the storm has unfortunately taken the lives of several residents already. The malicious storm has received plenty of national attention that has caused many celebrities and athletes to make sizeable donations to The Red Cross and The Salvation Army for the victims that have been affected.

On Tuesday, as the donations continued coming in, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, along with their mom, made a pretty hefty donation of $500,000 to help assist the victims in Houston affected by the storm, according to TMZ. As of yet, the donation from the family has been one of the largest contributions to the city of Houston.

The Kardashian family have plenty of successful business ventures that have made all of the sisters and their mom pretty wealthy individuals. So, the contribution from each member certainly won’t hurt either of them financially, but it will help out a lot of the victims of this terrible storm.


The Kardashian family is just one of many famous celebrities that have made sizable contributions thus far. Many athletes have made donations as well. J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans and Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets are two athletes that reside in the area that were among the first to respond to the challenge that was initially issued by comedian Kevin Hart.

One of the most touching moments so far was when Gerald Green posted a video via social media warning people to stay safe and asking for someone to give him a boat so that he could personally go around rescuing victims himself.