A Private Investigator Tells About 4 Clear Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating on You

David King, the managing director of Lipstick Investigations, told about the most popular signs of cheating husbands. According to him, women who come to private investigators are right in 80% of all cases. This is because they can spot details that their husbands don’t care about.

Sign #1

The first and most prominent sign is when your husband or boyfriend starts caring about himself much more than he used to: he has a new cologne, a new haircut, a new clothing style. If you feel that he doesn’t want to spend a lot of time with you, then it’s very likely that your husband is cheating on you.

Sign #2

If a man sets a password on his smartphone, his tablet, or his computer without any good reason, it might be a worrying sign. Well, of course, if you unceremoniously look through his folders and monitor all his calls, then there is probably nothing strange about setting a password. He just needs some private space.

However, if your relationship was full of trust and then he set passwords on all of his devices, he probably has something to hide.

Sign #3

The next behavior of someone who cheats is anger and aggression. Every time his phone rings, he gets up and leaves the room to talk on the phone. Every question you ask, even the simplest one, can lead to an argument. It looks like he wants a reason for a conflict. And after you talk about it, he leaves the apartment to “get some fresh air.”

In fact, in this situation, a man is trying to stop feeling guilty. He is trying to justify his actions by blaming you.

Sign #4

The last sign that your man is unfaithful is his wish to leave home without you. If your husband used to invite you to the movies and restaurants or suggested meeting with friends or going out of town but now he is looking for a reason to go somewhere without you, it’s a worrying signal.

The same goes for situations where your husband used to like being home and now has regular meetings with someone. It’s very likely that your husband has found someone new, and you don’t know about it yet.

An important thing you must remember:

Separately, these signals might not mean anything. However, if you notice a few of them, you shouldn’t ignore them. Do you think we should add something else to the list?

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7 Signs That You’re Destroying Your Relationship

When something goes wrong in our relationships, we tend to blame our partner. But it takes two to build them, and it’s impossible for just one half to always be guilty of everything.

We at Bright Side think you should take note of these 7 signs that something’s not right in your relationship. So the one destroying it is you, if…

You’re addicted to gadgets

If you spend most of your free time on your smartphone, it can be an addiction, and one that is harmful to your relationship, as found by scientists from the University of Arizona. Try switching to something else, like reading a book or making plans. Use special apps to control your time on the Web (such as Rescue Time).

You’re unable to set priorities

If you have a really busy schedule that doesn’t include a personal life, just set it as important on your list of priorities. You can use special planning apps too, like Any.do (iOS, Android).

There’s also the 2/2/2 method that’ll help save romance: go on a date with your loved one once every 2 weeks, go somewhere for a weekend once every 2 months, and go on vacation together every 2 years.

You don’t show support

A simple “thank you” seems so trivial that many forget to say it altogether. However, if your loved one does something for you, don’t take it for granted. Everyone needs a kind word, so thank your partner for simple things, and do it regularly.

You talk formally

Loving people talk to each other openly and sincerely. Share your emotions and details of your day, and listen to each other. Think of nontrivial questions. Instead of “How was your day?“ try ”What was the most interesting part of today?“ or “What made you laugh today?”

If something about your partner upsets you, say it without reproach using ”me“-messages. It’s not ”Don’t you dare say that!” It’s “Your words upset me.”

You get angry at trifles

Don’t try to remake your loved one. Their peculiar features are what you love them for. Better make them see the results of their actions for themselves. If your husband scatters his socks everywhere, tell him they’ll only get into the laundry from a particular place. When he runs out of socks, no words will be necessary.

You’re unable to negotiate

Concentrate on solving problems together. Try to discuss the problem before it reaches boiling point. When you’re having an important talk, touch your partner to make them comfortable. And remember the rule of one problem, one talk.

During a fight, leave the room, even just for half a minute. When you’ve calmed down a bit, the talk will become more productive.

You have no trust

If you want a warm and close relationship, learn to believe your loved one is honest with you. Don’t demand reports of where they’ve been without you, and don’t look through their phone and email. Unjustified suspicion might make your partner feel compelled to do what they’re being suspected of. Concentrate on the good.

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15 Extremely Weird Things All Couples in Long-Term Relationships Do

A long term relationship can be a great thing. You get to share every moment with another person you love. They are there to comfort you through the bad, celebrate with you through the good and, everything in between. It teaches you the meaning of true love as you learn every side of the other person and share your life with them. It additionally teaches you trust as you let your partner see every side of you.


Helping your partner out becomes the first priority and what you consider to be unthinkably disgusting with anyone else is something you’re happy to do for your partner. Like for instance popping each other’s pimples. Even the thought of popping an acquaintance’s pimple makes me squirm.


You two quickly develop the weirdest nicknames for each other. You’ve got the standard cute, lovey dovey nicknames but it’s not just those kind of nicknames. You get the mean nicknames that are somehow amazingly endearing more because of who said the name rather than the name itself.


As you spend all that time with your significant other eventually you’re going to let slip some smelly, and noisy gases in the company of your partner. Luckily, this isn’t an issue for you and your partner. It’s just natural bodily functions and you two get that about each other.


One of the perks of getting totally comfortable being yourself around another person is that it means dancing like there’s nobody around becomes dancing like it’s just you and your partner. And the best part is that they join in with their crazy dance moves.


First thing in the morning breath can be a pretty strong. However, it doesn’t put either of you off a morning kiss. That’s because there is nothing in the world that beats starting you day with a big kiss first thing in the morning.


Showers are great. There’s no arguing it. They are warm and comforting, and energising at the same time. Not to mention nothing beats that clean feeling and fragrant smell. But showering with your partner brings it to a new level. It saves time, water, and it’s just simply more convenient and enjoyable.


A relationship makes you lazy. You feel so comfortable and happy relaxing in each other’s company that the time you spend out tends to decrease drastically. But eventually one, or both, of you crave getting out together more. Often only to miss staying at home together.


In every relationship there are fights, and they can be healthy. They help for you two to establish with each other the things that are really important to you even if you and your partner disagree. But still, you can’t go long without their company.


A man’s jumper’s, and other clothes, ownership seems to come into question. It always seems to turn out that your girlfriend is wearing your jumper or boxers. But to balance it out for you they look so sexy and cute that it’s more endearing than annoying.


It’s not like going out to dinner with your family. You don’t always have to be on your best behaviour and have your best manners about you. Because your partner knows you so well and still loves you can let your guard down and those little bad habits of yours aren’t a problem.


Weekends become about relaxing and making up for all that time you and your partner had to be apart during the week. Between work and studies during the week you can miss out on a lot of time together. But it’s nothing a weekend of tv shows and popcorn together can’t fix.


When making plans in your lives the filter that all your decision making goes through gets an extra layer. And it very possibly becomes the most important layer. This is the ‘We’ layer. You start asking yourself questions “does this work for both of us?” before making decisions.


Simultaneously your sleeping schedule tends to sync up and you guys get invited to the same events. This is because every couple wants to go to sleep at the same time, and a missing partner in the morning is noticed. Also, your friend circles merge.


If you two get a pet together they become more like a child than simply a pet. There’s also something hugely amusing to both of you to do voice overs for your new baby. They can’t talk, but they are so expressive they just need a voice.


Good news! A long term relationship gives you super powers too. You get telepathy, well a limited version of telepathy. You can your partner can read each other’s minds with just a simple exchange of meaningful looks. Great for getting out of parties.

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The ONLY question to ask your boyfriend to know if he’s serious

Misled, misunderstood, misinterpreted – not the kind of things you want to hear when you get serious about someone and expect the same kind of commitment from them but these are the words they say.
In such situations, we often blame the guy for misleading us.

The whole I-loved-him-but-he-couldn’t-love–me-back phase hits us. We are so over-consumed by our own thoughts of the rejection we have received that we are unable to see the whole situation as an unbiased third party. Now, I know it is easier said than done but that’s the challenge of every relationship in our lives. We have got to see things from the other person’s point of view.


No one person can be entirely correct and the other a 100% wrong. They can’t really mislead you if you, yourself, want to be misled in a certain direction because that’s actually what you really want from them.
I know what it is like because I have faced that, a relationship I gave my everything to ended on a phone call.

A two minute long call and that was it, it was the end of a 3 year old long relationship. Where you might be thinking he broke up with me, it was actually the other way round and here is why.

I had been treated badly for a long time, there were moments of laughter and happiness too but they only lasted for a few seconds. We would fight over the weirdest things. I had always been the kind who would never scream, couldn’t even utter a simple ‘shut up’ or a ‘leave me alone’. I kept on compromising till I couldn’t bend. He kept on asking me to change from the way I talked to the kind of music I liked, from the way I managed my work to the kind of shows I watched. I tried as much as I could but obviously couldn’t match his expectations. Then one day, I found out he was cheating on me with multiple women. I didn’t shed a tear over him but a huge realization hit me. The way he was treating me, they were all tell signs of what I meant to him, what this relationship meant to him. I didn’t want to acknowledge those tell signs so I turned a blind eye towards them all and chose to suffer!

I realized it wasn’t him, it was me who chose to be treated like that and from then on I have decided on one thing – get things straight before you get too serious. Ask them this one simple question and you’ll know.


This is the only question, the answer will solve any confusion that you have regarding the relationship. The key is to look beyond what he says, it is to look deep into his nature and his reaction to the question.
Remember, both are not too good for you, if he replies over enthusiastically or if he is too unsure about the future.

People who make great promises and fail to deliver are the kind that will make you feel misled, their over-enthusiasm will make you think they are in it for life where actually, their answer was solely based on the way they felt about you there and then. There and then, when the relationship is in its initial honeymoon phase. Such people can’t really look towards their future. They will promise you the moon and the stars but won’t be able to deliver even a simple thing for you from the mart!

Slap yourself out of the illusion they create and the delusion you create for yourself. Someone who is too unsure might still have greater chances to get serious in the relationship, relatively. For someone unsure, you can’t really blame them when they call it quits because they never committed themselves, remember? So why put yourself in an uncertain situation where you have no idea if you will be single the next day or not?

Most importantly, what are the vibes that you get from this person, look beyond his words. What has he been like in his past relationships, do you see a common trend? Trust me, your brain screams at you when it warns you of the tornado that’s about to hit you.

Listen to your head and feel what your heart tells you, keep a balance of both and you will know instantly if he is in it as seriously as you are.

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Why Are Modern Relationships So Fragile?

We at Bright Side would like to share this article with you, which we think can help you to figure out why this happens.

1. We’re not prepared.

Often, we’re not prepared to compromise, to sacrifice ourselves, and to love unconditionally. We don’t want to wait, we need to have everything at once. We don’t let our feelings grow, too often putting a ’time limit’ on what we think we should be feeling and when instead.

2. We confuse love with other feelings.

We too often want to meet someone who’ll join us in the cinema or a night club, not the one who can understand us and support us in a moment of deepest sorrow. We don’t like living boring lives, and that’s why we’re looking for a cheerful companion who can turn our lives into an adventure. But we’re not always ready for change, which inevitably come after a certain period of romantic and mutual affection.

3. We get stuck in a rut.

After a while, we don’t have time and space for love, because we’re too busy chasing material benefits.

4. We’re waiting for an immediate result.

When we fall in love, we already want our relationships to be mature. Yet this maturity, as well as mutual understanding, can only come after years spent together. Most people today think that there’s nothing in this life that’s worth their time and patience, even love.

5. We prefer to waste our strength.

Many of us would likely prefer to spend an hour with a hundred different people than a day with one person. Nowadays, the opinion exists that it’s much better to meet people than to get to know them. We’re greedy, and we want everything all at once. We start relationships and end them as soon as we find a ’better’ variant. We don’t give the best of us to a person, but we want him or her to be perfect. We date lots of people, but hardly give a chance to anyone.

6. We become dependant on technology.

Technology has brought us closer. We’re so close that it sometimes feels difficult to breathe. Texts, voice messages, chats and video calls have replaced face-to-face communication in so many cases. We don’t have to spend time together anymore. We already know a lot about each other. We have nothing to talk about.

7. We can’t stay in one place for long.

We think that we’re not meant for relationships, and even the idea of settling down scares us. We don’t dedicate our lives to one person anymore, and we avoid anything permanent.

8. We become ’sexually liberated.’

Our generation has divided sex from love. First, people have sex, and then they decide whether they want to be together. Today, sex outside of marriage is normal, and things like ’open relationships’, ’friends with benefits’, and ’one-night stands’ have become part of modern life.

9. We rely on logic way too often.

Few people from younger generations can love with all the heart and overcome difficulties connected with time and distance.

10. We’re afraid of too many things.

We’re afraid of new relationships, disappointments, emotional wounds, and broken hearts, and that’s why we don’t let people into our lives. We build walls around ourselves, and sometimes they’re too thick and high to let us step out and see life as it really is.

11. We don’t appreciate relationships anymore.

It means nothing to us to let go of a person who loves us. We’re too disappointed in the people who surround us.

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8 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son

Although some think mothers play the most important role in a child’s life and upbringing, there are things that a father will certainly do better. Especially when it comes to a son.

Just think: First, the boy comes under the supervision of kindergarten teachers, and then he goes to a school where women constitute 90% of teachers. The child is constantly in the company of women, and he lacks male education.

Bright Side decided to tell you about 8 things that only a father can give his child.

1 Explain how important it is to know how to win and how to lose.

Apart from friends, who is the best companion for a child in various competitions and games? Dad, of course. This is good training for masculine qualities. Through these games, the child will feel the taste of victory and realize how much effort it takes to reach it.

And for the father, such games will be an excellent opportunity to explain to his son that defeats are unavoidable. If you fall, you just have to rise and keep on going, and there’s nothing shameful in a failure.

2 Teach him the right attitude toward women.

A mother can also tell her son how to treat a woman, but only the father will be able to show all this through his own example. It’ll be great if his son learns from him all sorts of important things about women. Not from friends, not from the Internet, but from the father — this is important. Take your son with you to buy flowers for mom. Go to the store together and politely talk with the cashier so that the child doesn’t hesitate to communicate with unfamiliar women. That’s it.

3 Have a man-to-man conversation about love.

This point follows on from the preceding. Let your son learn about this all-powerful feeling from masculine heart-to-heart conversations when the time comes. For a teenager, it’ll be a valuable gift if his father tells him about his first love and first dates and that he shouldn’t hurry because it’s better to wait for the right girl who will create a spark in his soul. Such conversations will be extremely useful for mutual trust.

4 Teach him how to fight back.

A father is the only one who can properly teach his son to be strong and firm, to stand up for himself and what is right. He can teach him to detect when it’s worth roaring so that the offender won’t get near him and when it’s more reasonable not to pay attention to provocations and calmly leave.

He should explain to his son and show by his example that kindness is not a weakness.

5 Help him to find his own view of the world. 

You don’t even need to do anything special here. Just be there from time to time, and talk to him. The child needs to understand that there’s not only mom with her requirements and expectations but also another person with a different approach.

Of course, when it comes to upbringing, parents should be on the same side. But in terms of views of the world, their philosophy can be very different. And this is absolutely normal. With the father’s help, the child will see that there are several points of view on the same phenomena, learning to analyze and form his own view of things.

6 Enrich the child’s experience with new sensations.

Everything starts when he’s still a baby. Yet even as a 6-month-old he can feel the difference between female and male manifestations of love. Unlike mothers with stroking and caresses, fathers prefer active games with a “masculine character,” such as tossing or spinning. Moms usually look at all this with quiet horror, but the child receives an abundance of visual, auditory, and tactile sensations and a new experience about their own spatial location.

7 Teach him male tricks. 

There are such things men do that look like magic to most women — for example, starting a fire, hammering nails, repairing a car. Even if your child is 100% “urban,” there’s no doubt that the ability to start a fire will come in handy for him in the future — at least for lighting a grill. In any company, the skills described above will add 100 points to your son’s reputation.

8 Help him to master domestic duties. 

Of course, this is about tying a tie, shaving, and ironing his shirts. Although now the answer to any question can be found on the Internet, you cannot but admit it’ll be much better if he learns this from his father. And yes, it’s the father and no one else who can show his son that men can also cook. Well, at least in order to not die of hunger.

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