Creepy But True: This Woman Gave Birth To Over 20 Skinned Rabbits With The Help Of Her Doctor

The world is filled to the brim with grotesque realities. We like to believe that every scary story we hear around a campfire is just made up out of the storyteller’s macabre imagination, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, no matter how twisted they may be, these stories are true. That’s the case for a truly unsettling tale about a woman who mysteriously gave birth to skinned rabbits. Not once. Not twice. But nearly twenty times. Keep reading to learn more about the woman who gave births to over 20 skinned rabbits with the help of her doctor. What’s the creepiest story you’ve ever heard around a campfire? Let us know!


Miracul-ish. Every so often, miracles happen. They don’t always happen in ways that are expected, but they happen. That being said, there are also events that take place that might be confused as miracles — but really might just be the root of something evil.

A woman in the fields. In the fall of 1726, a woman named Mary Toft was down on her luck. Having come from money, according to the podcast Lore, her family had fallen onto hard times. So hard, in fact, that she was left doing quite the opposite of what her wealthy bloodline was accustomed to. She was working the fields as a lowly peasant. She had nothing to her name.

Cry for help. This all changed when she became pregnant. But it wasn’t a normal pregnancy. According to Mental Floss, she had screamed for her neighbor, with whom she also worked, begging for help. She was in labor. But that would be the least of everyone’s worries.

Mother Mary. Her neighbor, Mary Gill, witnessed the birth firsthand. However, it was hardly the beautiful moment that most births ought to be. Because when Mary Toft gave birth, she didn’t give birth to a baby — she gave birth to a rabbit.

Sliced and diced. To make the scene even more horrific, the rabbit was skinned and torn apart. She had given birth to the creature in parts. The legs. The torso. The head, even. Naturally, both women were in shock. But something needed to be done.

Maternal Impression. There was once a belief that the physical offspring of a baby could be affected by a mother’s mental state. If she was stressed, for example, it could cause complications. So was she giving birth to rabbits because she hadn’t had a decent meal in a while? That was a belief.

The surgeon, Dr. John Howard. A local surgeon named John Howard had been delivering babies for most of his life. Three solid decades, in fact. So when he met with Toft, he was skeptical to say the least. Never in the last 30 years had he seen anything even remotely close to this. As they say, though, there’s a first time for everything.

The second birth. Though births typically require a 9 month prep-time, the rules didn’t seem to apply to Mary Toft. Howard personally beared witness to a second birth. Mary Toft had given birth to another rabbit. Another skinned, mutilated and diced up rabbit…

Whispers. Naturally, if someone were to give birth to rabbits, word would get around. When she gave birth to eight more rabbits, word of this was impossible to ignore. Whether or not they believed the stories, most locals knew of Mary Toft and her bunny rabbit babies.

Possible possession. This situation had become so inexplicably out of hand, that it could no longer be kept secluded within this small town. Toft, who was now living with Howard, so that he could keep an eye on her pretty much around the clock, was desperate for answers. The likelihood that she might have been possessed had grown more and more likely.

A royal invitation. Mary Toft’s situation was made to seem all the more significant once it earned the attention of King George I. His personal surgeon, Nathaniel St. André, was sent to investigate. Once he showed up, it was not difficult convincing him that everything about this situation was as legitimate as Toft and Howard explained.

Firsthand. St. André claimed to have witnessed one of the births himself. He gave Toft a thorough inspection, and after confirming that she was, in fact, still pregnant, he saw it happen right in front of him. She had given birth to a rabbit. Another skinned and disgusting rabbit.

Rabbit fear. During all of this insanity, people naturally started to back away from rabbits as a whole. As far as food went, rabbit was hardly ever on the menu. The way they saw it, there was a solid chance that rabbits were tied to something dark — so why take any chances?

Inspection. Eventually, Toft was taken in by King George himself. After a long while of inspection, she mysteriously stopped giving birth. But was it really so mysterious. As it turns out, before this whole fiasco even started, Toft had miscarried, which meant that her cervix was open. This allowed her to stuff pieces of rabbits inside of her whenever she pleased.

The hoax. Though it was all faked (though convincingly), Toft had only carried through with the ruse to escape poverty. She believed that being a freak would at the very least get her fame and money. St. André lost his job and London lost its credibility in the field of medicine. No matter, despite all of the trouble, Mary Toft didn’t seem to carrot all.

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Horoscope for Today Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction may unleash passion in your love life as well as in other departments. This astrological aspect will bring energy for solving problems that have been postponed.

Your determination is higher today, and so is your social aspiration. Now is the right time to start implementing daring plans.
Aries Today

A trip in a personal interest may yield significant benefits.

You will tend to take too many chances. You are advised to be cautious and avoid pushing your luck.

A close relative will give you sound advice. You may also rely on intuition.
Taurus Today

This is a favorable time for you, allowing you to make dramatic changes in business.

You may close deals and sign official papers.

You are advised to remain patient. Results will be showing soon.M
Gemini Today

Chance is on your side today and you will be able to overcome any obstacle. This is a good day for exams and presentations.

It’s time you paid more attention to your loved one!

Avoid any arguments with members of the family!
Cancer Today

You might feel stressed because of the difficult co-operation with a woman. Don’t worry, you can easily sort this out!

You should pay more attention to home and domestic issues.

Rely on intuition and avoid speculations of any kind!
Leo Today

You will be very persistent at work and willing to complete a delicate task.

In the afternoon you should pay more attention to younger relatives.

Avoid making promises that you are not sure you can keep! You might lose your credibility.
Virgo Today

This morning you may have to cancel a trip for reasons beyond your control. It’s all for the better, as your schedule was very busy anyway.

You are hard working and will manage to solve difficult problems at work.

You are advised to consider a close friend’s advice.
Libra Today

Business partners will appreciate your ideas and will support your investment plans.

Take advantage of such favorable auspices! You are full of energy and perfectly able to carry out everything you started.

Your financial situation may not be very satisfactory, but it will soon improve.
Scorpio Today

This is a very favorable time for business. You have great ideas and are capable of making sound decisions.

You’d better avoid arguments with your colleagues and partners. Keep calm and good things will happen to you!

In the evening, a close friend will pay you a visit and invite you to a party.
Sagittarius Today

You are advised to pay more attention to your sentimental life, no matter how much your career is concerning you.

Intuition will help you solve delicate issues, but you should also consider your loved one’s opinions.

In the afternoon, an older relative will ask for your help in a health matter.
Capricorn Today

You may have a hard time at work today, with a lot of problems to solve. You will manage to get through, and workmates will appreciate your determination and creativity.

Your partnerships will be excellent, but you should remain cautious and avoid making hasty decisions. Listen to what others have to say!
Aquarius Today

With determination you will manage to solve important problems at work.

You will tend to be irritable and might find yourself in delicate situations. Choose your words carefully when talking to colleagues and superiors!

You are advised to avoid passing judgments on people around you!
Pisces Today

Short trips and meetings with friends are favored today. You have good chances to succeed in business.

You might meet an older person who will offer you a profitable side job.

You may want to moderate your self-pride and consider your loved one’s advice.

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Horoscope for Today Monday, November 6, 2017

The Mars-Moon trine brings about positive energies which could prove useful when it comes to strenuous work and social activities.

You may want to get started on some chores. Don’t hesitate, especially if you already postponed such activities several times!
Aries Today

Before noon, you may have to go on an unscheduled trip. Chances are you’ll face a series of obstacles, but will probably manage very well.

Your love life might become somewhat tense. You should talk everything over calmly with your loved one.
Taurus Today

You seem to be full of energy and your ideas are appreciated.

You might be invited to go on a short trip with some friends.

Seize any opportunity to relax! Thinking about expenses? Money should be no issue, and you deserve to unwind.
Gemini Today

It seems you’re about to set out on a journey and your family will make lots of preparations.

An older relative trying to interfere with your plans might upset you. Some of their advice, though, might prove useful.

During the evening, when things slow down, you could pay a visit to friends. You need to catch up with some sleep, you know.
Cancer Today

Good news for you this morning: it seems you’re about to receive some money. Your loved one will probably be happy about that.

It’s a good time for you to make plans for the future and meet with friends.

You should pay due attention to the needs of younger family members.
Leo Today

There’s a good chance you’ll reap the benefits of your involvement in a project.

Your love life may not unfold very smoothly during the afternoon. Don’t worry! A close friend can help you overcome the situation.

You should pay more attention to chores.
Virgo Today

After a less than favorable term in your love life, your luck seems to have returned. You might meet someone who’ll win your heart at first sight. This could be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

Everything seems to be fine in the financial department. However, this isn’t a good time for trying to earn extra income.
Libra Today

Financial difficulties seem to bother you.

You seem to be in very good intellectual shape. You should make the most of it and dedicate your time to education and projects for the future.

Your social skills are most likely great today and you get the chance to make new friends. Intuition is your ally.
Scorpio Today

You are likely to have a very busy time with lots of problems to deal with. Make a detailed action plan in order to avoid wasting your energy!

Although you can be very efficient, you may want to accept your friends’ support.

An older family member might give you a gift during the afternoon – possibly some money.
Sagittarius Today

You seem to be in a very good mood and able to perfectly relate to everybody around. However, your financial situation might be upsetting you.

You can succeed in all your social and domestic activities.

During the evening you might go to a party. Be careful and avoid jokes that could hurt other people’s feelings!
Capricorn Today

Creativity could help you succeed in business. All future plans that you work on today are likely to be implemented soon and help earn extra.

Pay due attention to your loved one’s needs! Making money doesn’t have to mean having no personal life.
Aquarius Today

Charisma will help you be successful today.

You can be very efficient in business as well as domestic activities.

Try to avoid arguing with family members.
Pisces Today

The opportunity might arise to get involved in a new activity which will bring you significant professional and financial benefits.

You’ve been working very hard, but your workmates may not be too happy about it.

Don’t attempt to exceed your physical limitations! It might affect your health.

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Horoscope for Today Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Mercury-Moon opposition brings about more energy. This aspect favors intuition and improves the chances of successfully implementing long-term plans.

This planetary pattern also favors psychic powers like clairvoyance.
Aries Today

Intuition and practicality could allow you to make good business decisions.

If someone invites you into a new business partnership, don’t rush to say no! It’s likely to have great potential.

You should avoid heated arguments and pay more attention to your need for rest.
Taurus Today

You may decide to postpone a long family-related trip due to financial difficulties.

However, you could get the chance to implement daring long-term projects and make a sound decision for the future.

Try to spend the evening at home! The relationship with your loved one should go very well.
Gemini Today

Today is favorable for you to get involved in business activities, have fruitful meetings, and work on well-founded plans for the future.

Long-term investment projects are favored. You might be able to solve a number of financial problems.

This afternoon you could take center stage among your friends.
Cancer Today

You can succeed in all domestic activities, as well as in business.

Business partners could appreciate your initiatives, but you may want to avoid getting engaged in more activities at once – you might complete none.

Today is favorable for devising plans for the future. You may want to consider your loved one’s suggestions.
Leo Today

Today is favorable for making major decisions regarding your love life.

In spite of your less-than-satisfactory financial situation, you have no real reason to be concerned. The money you are lacking could come when you need it most.

Today you can rely on your intuition.
Virgo Today

Intuition could help find an original way to make significant changes in your social life. You might have to reach a compromise with your family and make several short trips with a friend.

Don’t miss out on this favorable opportunity! Major satisfaction is in store for you in the near future.
Libra Today

You could be particularly successful in social and intellectual pursuits.

This afternoon you may receive a major amount of money from a part-time job.

You can make plans for the future regarding a business that you’ve been planning together with a close friend.
Scorpio Today

Your love life may not be going so well, pushing you to make a major decision.

You can work on business plans for the future and put your theoretical knowledge into practice. You have a good chance at earning significant benefits.

You’d better avoid financial speculations.
Sagittarius Today

Today is favorable for achieving things in the social and financial department. However, results may not show very soon.

You may have to go on an unscheduled trip. This might be a business trip that will bring you face to face with great opportunities.
Capricorn Today

You seem to be in good shape and adaptable. You could manage to solve family issues and even help others solve their own problems.

Today is favorable for communicating with friends and family.

Don’t go overboard with the advice you give!
Aquarius Today

You seem to be in excellent shape intellectually and get on very well with those around. It seems you’re willing to listen to what issues others have and then give sound advice.

Avoid making promises if you’re not sure you can keep them!

This afternoon you might be invited to a party.
Pisces Today

You might start a successful new business and make plans for the future regarding a long-term investment. Your loved one will be right by your side.

Avoid speculations of any kind!

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Student Expelled And Charged After Bragging About Rubbing Used Tampons on Roommate’s Bag

A white university student bullied her black roommate by rubbing used tampons on her belongings, it has been reported. What’s more, the suspect also spit in the victim’s coconut oil and stuck her toothbrush “where the sun doesn’t shine.” As a result, the suspect has been banned from campus and has been charged with criminal mischief and breach of peace, as well as intimidation based on bigotry or bias. Read on below.

Banned and charged. University of Hartford Student, Briana Brochu, has been banned from campus by a local community court judge after repeatedly bragging about bullying her Black roommate online. The student has also been charged with criminal mischief and breach of peace, in addition to intimidation based on bigotry or bias.

CBB694EF-4D60-43FF-9177-FE6B0BF6A848Social media. According to court records, Brochu boasted about her bullying on social media. She allegedly wrote on Instagram: “After 1½ month of spitting in her coconut oil, putting moldy clam dip in her lotions, rubbing used tampons oh [sic] her backpack, putting her toothbrush places where the sun doesn’t shine, and so much more, I can finally say goodbye Jamaican Barbie.”


Accusations. So far, Brochu has admitted to licking her former roommate’s plate, fork, and spoon, and smearing her own menstrual blood on the victim’s backpack. However, she has denied the other accusations she bragged about on Instagram, the Hartford Courant reports.

The victim. After being notified of the Instagram post by fellow students, the victim, former roommate Chenelle Rowe, reported the behavior to the school. She also reported it to local police, Fox61 reports.

Symptoms. According to Rowe, who’s a freshman, she had felt “unwanted in [her] own room” since being randomly assigned to bunk with Brochu in late August. After moving in, Rowe alleges she started getting sick and experiencing throat pain. This ultimately led her to see a doctor.

Video. In a Facebook Live video that has since gone viral, Rowe details her former roommate’s alleged abuse. Today, the post — which is 103 minutes long — has been viewed more than 600,000 times, The Independent reports.

Another statistic. “As a young African American woman I don’t want to become another statistic,” Rowe wrote in a Facebook post, The Independent reports. “When it comes to college incidents/crimes and racial cases justice needs to be served.”

President. University President Greg Woodward sent a letter to school faculty and students on Tuesday. In it, he called Brochu’s reported behavior “reprehensible.”

Campus. “Acts of racism, bias, bullying, or other abusive behaviors will not be tolerated on this campus,” Woodward said. “I pledge to do everything in my power to work with our community to address related concerns together.”

Relocated. Woodward went on to say that Rowe had been relocated after she reported the alleged abuse. He also added that Brochu had been arrested by the West Hartford Police Department.

Race. That said, Rowe believes the entire thing would have played out differently had she been the white one, The Independent reports. “I probably would’ve been locked up,” she told Fox61. “A whole of a bunch of stuff would’ve been done quickly.”

Race. Rowe added: “The fact that I’m black and my old roommate was white… If the roles was switched, I want to know if it would be handled the same way, right? Because I damn well know it wouldn’t.”

Other claims. Nonetheless, Brochu claims she had been reacting to a “hostile environment” created by Rowe. In fact, Brochu, of Harwinton, alleged Rowe would often post Snapchat videos of her snoring.

Other claims. What’s more, Brochu also requested a room change last month but was unsuccessful, according to the Courant. Seemingly, she maintains that her online statements were lies and a way to “appear funny” on social media.

Reactions. Still, the public at large has reacted with disgust at Brochu’s alleged actions. “I can’t believe someone would do this,” one Twitter post read. “Such a despicable human being. Sorry you had to go through that girl.”

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Today in History

1429 – Armagnac–Burgundian Civil War: Joan of Arc liberates Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier.
1501 – Catherine of Aragon (later Henry VIII’s first wife) meets Arthur Tudor, Henry VIII’s older brother – they would later marry.
1576 – Eighty Years’ War: In Flanders, Spain captures Antwerp (after three days the city is nearly destroyed).
1677 – The future Mary II of England marries William, Prince of Orange; they later jointly reign as William and Mary.
1737 – The Teatro di San Carlo is inaugurated.
1780 – The Rebellion of Túpac Amaru II against Spanish rule in the Viceroyalty of Peru begins.
1783 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 36 is performed for the first time in Linz, Austria.
1791 – The Western Confederacy of American Indians wins a major victory over the United States in the Battle of the Wabash.
1798 – Beginning of the Russo-Ottoman siege of Corfu.
1839 – Newport Rising: The last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain.
1847 – Sir James Young Simpson, a Scottish physician, discovers the anaesthetic properties of chloroform.
1852 – Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour becomes the prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia, which soon expands to become Italy.
1864 – American Civil War: Battle of Johnsonville: Confederate troops bombard a Union supply base and destroy millions of dollars in material.
1868 – Camagüey, Cuba revolts against Spain during the Ten Years’ War.
1890 – City and South London Railway: London’s first deep-level tube railway opens between King William Street and Stockwell.
1912 – First Balkan War: The First Battle of Çatalca begins – an attempt by Bulgaria to break through the last defensive line before the Turkish capital Constantinople.
1918 – World War I: The Armistice of Villa Giusti between Italy and Austria-Hungary is implemented.
1921 – The Saalschutz Abteilung (hall defense detachment) of the Nazi Party is renamed the Sturmabteilung (storm detachment) after a large riot in Munich.
1921 – Japanese Prime Minister Hara Takashi is assassinated in Tokyo.
1922 – In Egypt, British archaeologist Howard Carter and his men find the entrance to Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
1924 – Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming is elected the first female governor in the United States.
1924 – Calvin Coolidge wins a full term as President of the United States.
1939 – World War II: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the United States Customs Service to implement the Neutrality Act of 1939, allowing cash-and-carry purchases of weapons by belligerents.
1942 – World War II: Second Battle of El Alamein: Disobeying a direct order by Adolf Hitler, General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel leads his forces on a five-month retreat.
1944 – World War II: Bitola Liberation Day
1952 – The United States government establishes the National Security Agency, or NSA.
1952 – Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected the 34th President of the United States.
1956 – Soviet troops enter Hungary to end the Hungarian revolution against the Soviet Union, that started on October 23. Thousands are killed, more are wounded, and nearly a quarter million leave the country.
1960 – At the Kasakela Chimpanzee Community in Tanzania, Dr Jane Goodall observes chimpanzees creating tools, the first-ever observation in non-human animals.
1962 – The United States concludes Operation Fishbowl, its final above-ground nuclear weapons testing series, in anticipation of the 1963 Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
1966 – The Arno River floods Florence, Italy, to a maximum depth of 6.7 m (22 ft), leaving thousands homeless and destroying millions of masterpieces of art and rare books. Also Venice was submerged on the same day at its record all-time acqua alta of 194 cm.
1970 – Vietnam War: Vietnamization: The United States turns control of the air base at Bình Thủy in the Mekong Delta over to South Vietnam.
1970 – Salvador Allende takes office as President of Chile, the first Marxist to become president of a Latin American country through open elections.
1973 – The Netherlands experiences the first Car-Free Sunday caused by the 1973 oil crisis. Highways are used only by cyclists and roller skaters.
1979 – Iran hostage crisis: A mob of Iranians, mostly students, overruns the US embassy in Tehran and takes 90 hostages (53 of whom are American).
1980 – Ronald Reagan is elected the 40th President of The United States, defeating incumbent Jimmy Carter.
1993 – China Airlines Flight 605, a brand new 747-400, overruns the runway at Kai Tak Airport.
1995 – Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated by an extremist Israeli.
2002 – Chinese authorities arrest cyber-dissident He Depu for signing a pro-democracy letter to the 16th Communist Party Congress.
2008 – Barack Obama becomes the first person of biracial or African-American descent to be elected President of the United States.
2010 – Aero Caribbean Flight 883 crashes into Guasimal, Sancti Spíritus. All 68 passengers and crew were killed.
2010 – Qantas Flight 32, an Airbus A380, suffers an uncontained engine failure over Indonesia shortly after taking off from Singapore, crippling the jet. The crew manage to safely return to Singapore, saving all 469 passengers and crew.
2015 – A cargo plane crashes shortly after takeoff from Juba International Airport in Juba, South Sudan, killing 37 people.
2015 – A building collapses in the Pakistani city of Lahore resulting in at least 45 deaths, at least 100 injured.

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Horoscope for Today, Saturday, November 4, 2017


The Full Moon – i.e. the Sun-Moon opposition – usually brings about agitation and anxiety. Arguments may start out of the blue and there’s a higher risk of accidents.

That won’t necessarily happen to you, since stars only predispose but not impose. With a calm attitude and patience you can turn everything in your favor.
Aries Today

This morning you may feel tired and agitated. Try to keep your temper in check in order to avoid a conflict!

Try to avoid paying visits, even if your partner insists.

Make the most of every opportunity you get to rest more!
Taurus Today

This morning you may be agitated because you’re exhausted. You should slow down. If you go on like this, you might end up having health issues.

During the afternoon you could be facing some financial difficulties. Nothing to worry about, really.
Gemini Today

It seems you might go on a very important trip that could bring you significant benefits.

You should keep calm and avoid raising your voice when talking to an elder person.

You may be facing difficulties in your love life. Try to be less stubborn!
Cancer Today

You are likely to need a loan. Don’t fret! You’ll manage to get one eventually.

Keep calm and pay more attention to your need for rest! You might be predisposed to health issues.
Leo Today

This morning you might be facing communicational difficulties. You could become agitated and nervous. Postpone any business meeting or trip!

You may also want to avoid any activity that requires attention and concentration.

Household activities can go very well today.
Virgo Today

You may have to go on a business trip.

It looks like you’re not in the best mood and tend to overreact. Avoid imposing your own views on others or getting involved in arguments!

Your financial situation may not be that satisfactory. But you shouldn’t worry, because a significant amount of money seems to be coming your way.
Libra Today

Today you might tend to criticize everyone. Try to control that impulse!

Make sure you know the difference between spending and wasting money – and act accordingly! Your loved one may not agree with all your expenses. In order to avoid an argument, you may want to go shopping together.

You should pay more attention to your better half’s needs.
Scorpio Today

A relative from out of town might give you some bad news. This could be upsetting and determine a schedule change.

You may have to go on a trip unexpectedly. Drive carefully, because there’s a risk of being involved in a car crash!
Sagittarius Today

You shouldn’t take chances today, because you may be agitated and that might prevent you from making the right decisions.

If you can, avoid driving or traveling by car! You seem to be prone to accidents.

Try to avoid getting involved in arguments!
Capricorn Today

Today is likely to be very busy, with a lot of problems to solve. You might tend to get involved in more activities at once.

Try to manage your time efficiently. Just ask your family for support, if you need it!

During the evening you could visit friends.
Aquarius Today

You may want to be very cautious today, because you seem to be prone to health issues and even accidents. Avoid working overtime!

It would be in your best interest to avoid long trips and going to parties. You might feel worn out, tend to be pretty agitated, and get into arguments.
Pisces Today

An argument with your boss could upset you. It’s not advisable to show your displeasure.

You may want to take care of yourself. The efforts you intend to make could expose you to an increased risk of accidents.

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