Horoscope for Today Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Uranus-Moon square might bring about unexpected changes and minor conflicts.

You could feel the need for more individual freedom, but those close to you may not like it. Avoid getting into arguments that you may later regret!
Aries Today

Today isn’t good for signing official papers or dealing with business.

People may not agree with your ideas. Don’t get discouraged, nor give up your plans for the future!

You should pay more attention to household responsibilities.

All is well in your love life. Your significant other will most likely help you overcome all difficulties.
Taurus Today

During the morning you might experience tense moments due to arguments with a workmate or business partner. You should manage to sort things out in no time.

Try to spend the afternoon with your family.
Gemini Today

You could be upset because a trip you were supposed to go on seems to have been canceled. Don’t worry though, it’s only postponed!

It’s time to deal with financial issues.

The relationship with your loved one is going well.
Cancer Today

You may have a misunderstanding with one of your business partners. Keep calm and try to reach a compromise!

In order to overcome today’s tense moments, you need to arm yourself with patience.

Avoid arguments and fights!
Leo Today

Your loved one might be upset because you’re neglecting family duties. You should make an effort and try to defuse the tensions.

During the evening you might receive news about an important business project starting to go the way you planned.
Virgo Today

Your loved one might misunderstand your need for more personal freedom. Express your ideas clearly in order to avoid an argument!

You should decline your friends’ invitation to spend the afternoon together, even if they insist.

Try to maintain a balance within your family!
Libra Today

Today is good for working out business plans. There’s a good chance you’ll improve your financial situation.

During the afternoon you may be tempted to spend more time with your friends and get home late. Because of that, you may have an argument with a family member.

Try to pay more attention to your loved one’s needs!
Scorpio Today

If you manage to moderate your criticism, you have a good chance at succeeding in financial pursuits.

Try to be patient with friends and loved one, in order to avoid arguments.

An older relative could visit you during the afternoon and give you a present that will make your day.
Sagittarius Today

You might tend to be impulsive and hurt people in your circle. Keep your temper in check or your health might be affected!

During the afternoon you might receive a significant amount of money from a part-time job. You could have an argument with your loved one over the best way to spend it.

Your home seems to require some investments. Make sure you’re not neglecting them!
Capricorn Today

Mixed feelings are likely to bother you.

You should be more careful about what you say. Avoid getting involved in more activities at a time, or you might complete none successfully!

During the afternoon you could feel better and have a great time with your family.
Aquarius Today

Today you can experience significant financial satisfactions during a trip.

You might meet an elder person who could offer the opportunity to join in a business. Try to rely on intuition and avoid giving an answer straight away.

Consider your loved one’s advice!
Pisces Today

You might have to postpone leaving on vacation due to some minor health problem. Don’t worry! You probably just have to be on a short-tern diet.

This is a favorable time for your love life. You and your significant other can have a great time together.

Via: eAstrolog

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