Horoscope for Today Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Jupiter-Moon sextile brings about a shot of optimism and improves chances of success in all endeavors.

It’s time to get started on the projects you’ve been planning lately. Trips are also favored and will most likely prove to be rewarding.
Aries Today

You seem to have a lot of energy and original ideas. You may succeed in business and on trips. Exams and social ties are favored as well.

Avoid making hasty decisions that could upset domestic harmony!

During the evening, an unexpected meeting might make you change tomorrow’s schedule.
Taurus Today

Today you have every chance of finding the new job you’ve been looking for.

Your charisma could help you deal with a delicate situation in a diplomatic manner.

You should manage your time efficiently and avoid wasting your energy.
Gemini Today

Major benefits are in store for you as long as you don’t over-criticize.

You may want to keep your temper in check to avoid conflicts with friends and loved one.

During the evening, an older relative might stop by and bring some good news regarding a trip.
Cancer Today

Financial difficulties don’t seem to affect your good mood and determination at work.

Professional achievements will most likely bring you material benefits soon.

Everything seems to go your way, but you shouldn’t rest on your laurels.
Leo Today

Business trips will most likely be favored today.

You could get the chance to solve an emotional problem that’s been bothering you for a while.

You seem to be running low on money these days. Think positive and don’t lose your optimism!
Virgo Today

This morning, a part-time job might prove to be very rewarding thanks to your excellent co-operation with a business partner.

You may be given the chance to make a good investment.

You shouldn’t cancel the trip you have planned for today. It might give you the opportunity to meet a future business partner.
Libra Today

This is the right time to implement your plans for climbing the hierarchical ladder at work.

Chances are you’ll do great when it comes to social life and financials.

Relationships with business partners should be very good.

Try to make the most of these favorable auspices, but have patience and don’t push your luck!
Scorpio Today

Today you can deal with delicate business matters. You will most likely manage to complete a task that you started on a long time ago.

Financial problems seem easier to solve today.

Communication is also favored. Make sure you keep your promises!
Sagittarius Today

You could have the chance to stand out in society and earn financial benefits.

Higher-ups and workmates should appreciate your determination and creativity at work.

Don’t mind the rumors spread by a woman in your circle!
Capricorn Today

This morning you might have to go on a business trip. It may come as a surprise and make you change the entire schedule, but you shouldn’t be upset. This trip is likely to bring about major changes in your love life.

Today you can rely on intuition.
Aquarius Today

Today you are likely to earn extra income from a part-time job.

You could manage to complete a difficult task with minimal efforts.

You’d better avoid speculations of any kind, otherwise you might lose big time.
Pisces Today

If you’re offered a new job, don’t turn the offer down! Luck is on your side.

Consider pros and cons carefully, and you could find interesting prospects. Your loved one might give you sound advice.

Via: eAstrolog

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