Daily Astrology Predictions for Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Venus-Pluto sextile brings about more clarity in various situations, a deeper and finer understanding of one’s place and role in the family and society.

You could feel the need to do more about your domestic duties or love life in order to sort things out.
Aries Today

You have a good chance at succeeding in domestic and business pursuits. The changes that you intend to make will be appreciated, but you may want to consider other opinions as well.

You shouldn’t take on too many responsibilities, or you might be unable to cope with them all.

During the afternoon you’ll meet someone special.
Taurus Today

Today isn’t a very good time to meet with friends or get involved in business activities. People may misunderstand your desire for change.

All is well in your love life.

You should pay professional tasks the due attention.
Gemini Today

During the morning you might run into an acquaintance whom you have not seen for a long time. You could be invited to a party.

You should pay your romantic relationship the due attention. Be honest and admit your own mistakes!
Cancer Today

You’ll manage to make a change in your love life.

During the afternoon you’ll have a pleasant meeting with your friends. Give everybody a chance to speak!

Avoid getting into arguments with a lady from your circle!
Leo Today

You have big plans, and during the morning you’ll tend to take chances when trying to solve several domestic issues. Your loved one will be right by your side.

You can succeed in concluding profitable deals and making sound investments, but you should be cautious.
Virgo Today

Today is favorable for making changes in your home. You may start making repairs, redecorating, painting, etc. You can rely on your friends’ support. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today!

An older person might get on your nerves with his/her suggestions, and you may end up fighting.
Libra Today

Don’t make a tight schedule for today! Your chances of keeping to it are rather thin.

During the morning you could be very busy solving some of your loved one’s problems. It might be time for you to sort out some of the family’s financial issues.

You can rely on intuition.
Scorpio Today

You have many constructive ideas which you would like to discuss with people close to you. An older relative could surprise you pleasantly by offering financial and moral support.

Today is favorable for making investments.

It’s time you paid more attention to your loved one’s needs.
Sagittarius Today

Professional duties will take up all your time and you’ll tend to neglect your love life.

In fact, this is not a favorable time for any kind of business pursuits. You risk losing a major sum of money.

You should stick to routine activities and pay more attention to your need for rest.
Capricorn Today

You shouldn’t get involved in challenging activities today.

If an opportunity arises, don’t hesitate to spend the afternoon in the company of your loved one!
Aquarius Today

Today is favorable for business.

During the morning you’ll be very optimistic and will have the feeling that nothing can stand in your way. The relationship with your loved one will be excellent.

You should remain realistic and avoid speculations.
Pisces Today

You might have a lot on your plate today, but you have no real reason to worry. You seem to be in very good shape.

The only difficulties that you could encounter will be related to communication.

Pay more attention to your love life!

Via: eAstrolog

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