Horoscope for Today Monday, November 20, 2017

The Moon-Saturn conjunction increases the need for security in relationships and for domestic stability. This could very well be a subconscious way of resisting changes.

There’s no reason to worry. This situation cannot last long, since it’s caused by the fast moving Moon.

Aries Today

You may not be in the mood for doing anything or seeing anybody today. Be careful not to isolate yourself!

You’d better try to be more sociable.

You’ll eventually realize that the problems bothering you aren’t as serious as you think.
Taurus Today

Today isn’t favorable for you to travel or to obtain financial benefits.

Your state of inhibition and lack of sociability may lead to failure in business and disappointment in the social department.

Your love life won’t be affected, provided you pay more attention to your loved one’s needs.

Do your best to communicate more!
Gemini Today

Today you may not be in a very good mood, and your communication skills might not be at their best.

This is not a good day for going out with friends, let alone meeting with important people.

Avoid making major investments or buying valuable items! Otherwise you’re likely to regret it later.
Cancer Today

This morning you could be in a state of apathy, and your workmates and friends will try to help you get out of it.

Your bad mood may be caused by exhaustion or by the financial problems that have been bothering you lately.

You should avoid making important decisions by yourself. You’d better postpone any sensitive activity that requires focusing.
Leo Today

Today isn’t favorable for meeting with friends. You seem to be in a state of inhibition that will prevent you from expressing yourself clearly.

You should avoid making investments or buying valuable items today.

Try to unwind – for instance, by making future plans for your family.
Virgo Today

You’ll feel the need to make changes or get involved in new activities. This is a favorable time for matters of the heart and domestic activities.

Your ideas might not get the appreciation they deserve.

You shouldn’t sign any documents or make business deals today.
Libra Today

This morning you’ll have many problems to solve, but you’ll be full of energy and able to cope with them all.

You may be facing financial difficulties.

You should pay more attention to your family and love life.
Scorpio Today

It’s time to take it easy at work, and pay more attention to your loved one.

You may want to postpone business projects, because you’re prone to losing money.

You’d better stick to routine domestic activities.
Sagittarius Today

This morning the opportunity to start a business might arise. Don’t rush! Take your time and sleep on it for a night or two.

Your love life will be favored today and there’s a good chance you’ll spend a romantic evening.
Capricorn Today

Your communicational skills may not be at their best today, and this might affect your social and emotional relationships.

It isn’t recommended for you to get involved in new projects or deals today, even if your friends will be making tempting offers.
Aquarius Today

You’ll be in very good intellectual shape.

You can succeed in all domestic activities.

You should sort out your priorities in order to be more time-efficient.

Don’t ignore your loved one’s opinions!
Pisces Today

You’ll feel the need to talk to a person of the opposite sex about your matters of the heart.

You may feel that you’ve been neglected. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the blues!

Your inhibitions and lack of sociability might aggravate the misunderstandings with your loved one.

Via: eAstrolog



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