Horoscope for Today Friday, November 17, 2017

The Mercury-Mars sextile brings about a very favorable time for education, making major decisions, business contacts and friendships.

You’ll most likely make the right decisions and they’ll get you outstanding result

Aries Today

Self-confidence and initiative will help you succeed in business.

During afternoon, you’ll try to solve some of your loved one’s issues.

Keep in mind that you need to rest more!
Taurus Today

An older relative might offer financial assistance this morning, helping you recover self-confidence.

Your plans regarding a long trip may change this afternoon.

Your loved one could help start a new business. Avoid making hasty decisions!
Gemini Today

Today you might get some unusual ideas that could affect your friendships. You shouldn’t impose your strong views on others. Consider other people’s opinions too!

During the afternoon you might learn that you have to go on a business trip. Don’t get angry or worried, the trip will prove to be in your benefit.
Cancer Today

You may have an original initiative which could prove to be successful. You should accept a close friend’s support.

Try to be more communicative and flexible!
Leo Today

You could have original ideas that might result in financial benefits.

An elder lady from your circle may give you the opportunity to join in a new partnership or change jobs. You should seek your loved one’s advice.

This isn’t a good time for speculations of any kind.
Virgo Today

Today is favorable for signing contracts, establishing new partnerships, and making financial investments. It seems you’ll manage to be convincing, and relationships with those around will be very good.

You can make plans for the future regarding your love life.

Try to consider other people’s opinions too!
Libra Today

Today it could be easier than usual to gain money.

You may want to avoid getting involved in more endeavors at once. Avoid speculations as well, and consider your family’s advice!

You’d better not neglect your need for rest.
Scorpio Today

Your enthusiasm could stimulate your loved one. Together, you might make daring long-term plans.

Try to avoid getting lost in details and wasting your energy!

During the afternoon you are likely to pay a visit to an older relative and have a very good time.
Sagittarius Today

Your friends and loved one might be upset over your dedicating too much time to studying. Intellectual rewards will make you ignore what others have to say.

Don’t neglect your family! Try to keep track of your daily choirs, if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises!
Capricorn Today

This morning you seem to be full of energy and be a stimulating presence for those around.

Career-related endeavors are favored today.

You should make the most of your creativity and devise long-term projects.
Aquarius Today

You may manage to implement your original ideas at work, but it will attract the envy of workmates.

During the afternoon an older person from your circle may push you into an argument.

Try to be more of a diplomat! People might misunderstand you.
Pisces Today

You appear to be in very good intellectual shape, and relationships will be favored.

It’s a good day for meeting friends. You should listen to their opinions.

This evening you might earn a lot of money from a business venture.

Via: eAstrolog


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