Horoscope for Today Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Venus-Neptune trine may predispose to hasty initiatives caused by confusion.

You should postpone making any major decision. Think twice before taking any action!
Aries Today

This morning you might be in a bad mood, and nothing seems to please you.

Your family may not agree with your intention of canceling a trip. You should listen to what others have to say, and reach a compromise.

Try to relax more!
Taurus Today

You may experience health problems if you don’t pay due attention to your need for rest.

An argument with an older family member could give you food for thought.

You should remain calm and cautious in order to avoid a fight.
Gemini Today

You may feel inclined to overestimate your resources. Don’t be so stubborn and stop pushing things!

If you won’t moderate your self-pride, you could argue with friends and family.

You need to rest more.
Cancer Today

This morning you can receive a significant amount of money and start making daring plans. Don’t rush!

Seek your loved one’s opinion on the matter! Together you could manage to find the best solution.

You may want to avoid overdoing it.
Leo Today

This morning you may be apathetic and unable to focus.

You should avoid taking chances in business today.

If you’re invited to go someplace, accept without hesitation.
Virgo Today

Your state of confusion might affect all social ties as well as opportunities regarding income. It would be better to avoid getting involved in business-related activities today.

This afternoon you seem to be in a better mood, and your communicational skills can improve.

This is a favorable time for love life and romance in general.
Libra Today

An older person could offer you the opportunity to join in a partnership. Don’t rush to decide! You’d better ask for your loved one’s opinion on the matter first.

Your financial situation could be rather frustrating. However, the relationship with your loved one seems to go very well and you could spend a romantic evening together.
Scorpio Today

Today you might not be in the best physical and intellectual shape. You seem to be confused and in a bad mood.

You should avoid business meetings or seeing your friends. You risk loosing money or arguing with a good friend.

You may want to pay more attention to children or younger brothers.
Sagittarius Today

You may tend to be head-in-the-clouds. Try to postpone any business meeting.

Even if you’re in no mood to talk to anybody, you shouldn’t avoid communicating.

It’s time to pay more attention to your loved one’s needs.
Capricorn Today

This morning your morale might run quite low, and you might be facing difficulties when trying to focus.

Avoid engaging in activities you’re not sure you can successfully complete!

Those close to you can pay you a visit during the evening.
Aquarius Today

This morning you might tend to be somewhat of a dreamer and have communicational difficulties.

Your intuition is likely to be less than reliable today. It’s time to take all the help you can get from friends and family.

You should stick to routine activities, or at least not very challenging ones.
Pisces Today

Your love life can go very well today. You might even be willing to declare your love.

Avoid any business activities today! Luck doesn’t seem to be on your side.

You should remain cautious and observe the law in everything you do.

Via: eAstrolog

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