Horoscope for Today Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction may unleash passion in your love life as well as in other departments. This astrological aspect will bring energy for solving problems that have been postponed.

Your determination is higher today, and so is your social aspiration. Now is the right time to start implementing daring plans.
Aries Today

A trip in a personal interest may yield significant benefits.

You will tend to take too many chances. You are advised to be cautious and avoid pushing your luck.

A close relative will give you sound advice. You may also rely on intuition.
Taurus Today

This is a favorable time for you, allowing you to make dramatic changes in business.

You may close deals and sign official papers.

You are advised to remain patient. Results will be showing soon.M
Gemini Today

Chance is on your side today and you will be able to overcome any obstacle. This is a good day for exams and presentations.

It’s time you paid more attention to your loved one!

Avoid any arguments with members of the family!
Cancer Today

You might feel stressed because of the difficult co-operation with a woman. Don’t worry, you can easily sort this out!

You should pay more attention to home and domestic issues.

Rely on intuition and avoid speculations of any kind!
Leo Today

You will be very persistent at work and willing to complete a delicate task.

In the afternoon you should pay more attention to younger relatives.

Avoid making promises that you are not sure you can keep! You might lose your credibility.
Virgo Today

This morning you may have to cancel a trip for reasons beyond your control. It’s all for the better, as your schedule was very busy anyway.

You are hard working and will manage to solve difficult problems at work.

You are advised to consider a close friend’s advice.
Libra Today

Business partners will appreciate your ideas and will support your investment plans.

Take advantage of such favorable auspices! You are full of energy and perfectly able to carry out everything you started.

Your financial situation may not be very satisfactory, but it will soon improve.
Scorpio Today

This is a very favorable time for business. You have great ideas and are capable of making sound decisions.

You’d better avoid arguments with your colleagues and partners. Keep calm and good things will happen to you!

In the evening, a close friend will pay you a visit and invite you to a party.
Sagittarius Today

You are advised to pay more attention to your sentimental life, no matter how much your career is concerning you.

Intuition will help you solve delicate issues, but you should also consider your loved one’s opinions.

In the afternoon, an older relative will ask for your help in a health matter.
Capricorn Today

You may have a hard time at work today, with a lot of problems to solve. You will manage to get through, and workmates will appreciate your determination and creativity.

Your partnerships will be excellent, but you should remain cautious and avoid making hasty decisions. Listen to what others have to say!
Aquarius Today

With determination you will manage to solve important problems at work.

You will tend to be irritable and might find yourself in delicate situations. Choose your words carefully when talking to colleagues and superiors!

You are advised to avoid passing judgments on people around you!
Pisces Today

Short trips and meetings with friends are favored today. You have good chances to succeed in business.

You might meet an older person who will offer you a profitable side job.

You may want to moderate your self-pride and consider your loved one’s advice.

Via: eAstrolog

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