Horoscope for Today Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Mercury-Moon opposition brings about more energy. This aspect favors intuition and improves the chances of successfully implementing long-term plans.

This planetary pattern also favors psychic powers like clairvoyance.
Aries Today

Intuition and practicality could allow you to make good business decisions.

If someone invites you into a new business partnership, don’t rush to say no! It’s likely to have great potential.

You should avoid heated arguments and pay more attention to your need for rest.
Taurus Today

You may decide to postpone a long family-related trip due to financial difficulties.

However, you could get the chance to implement daring long-term projects and make a sound decision for the future.

Try to spend the evening at home! The relationship with your loved one should go very well.
Gemini Today

Today is favorable for you to get involved in business activities, have fruitful meetings, and work on well-founded plans for the future.

Long-term investment projects are favored. You might be able to solve a number of financial problems.

This afternoon you could take center stage among your friends.
Cancer Today

You can succeed in all domestic activities, as well as in business.

Business partners could appreciate your initiatives, but you may want to avoid getting engaged in more activities at once – you might complete none.

Today is favorable for devising plans for the future. You may want to consider your loved one’s suggestions.
Leo Today

Today is favorable for making major decisions regarding your love life.

In spite of your less-than-satisfactory financial situation, you have no real reason to be concerned. The money you are lacking could come when you need it most.

Today you can rely on your intuition.
Virgo Today

Intuition could help find an original way to make significant changes in your social life. You might have to reach a compromise with your family and make several short trips with a friend.

Don’t miss out on this favorable opportunity! Major satisfaction is in store for you in the near future.
Libra Today

You could be particularly successful in social and intellectual pursuits.

This afternoon you may receive a major amount of money from a part-time job.

You can make plans for the future regarding a business that you’ve been planning together with a close friend.
Scorpio Today

Your love life may not be going so well, pushing you to make a major decision.

You can work on business plans for the future and put your theoretical knowledge into practice. You have a good chance at earning significant benefits.

You’d better avoid financial speculations.
Sagittarius Today

Today is favorable for achieving things in the social and financial department. However, results may not show very soon.

You may have to go on an unscheduled trip. This might be a business trip that will bring you face to face with great opportunities.
Capricorn Today

You seem to be in good shape and adaptable. You could manage to solve family issues and even help others solve their own problems.

Today is favorable for communicating with friends and family.

Don’t go overboard with the advice you give!
Aquarius Today

You seem to be in excellent shape intellectually and get on very well with those around. It seems you’re willing to listen to what issues others have and then give sound advice.

Avoid making promises if you’re not sure you can keep them!

This afternoon you might be invited to a party.
Pisces Today

You might start a successful new business and make plans for the future regarding a long-term investment. Your loved one will be right by your side.

Avoid speculations of any kind!

Via: eAstrolog

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