Horoscope for Today, Saturday, November 4, 2017


The Full Moon – i.e. the Sun-Moon opposition – usually brings about agitation and anxiety. Arguments may start out of the blue and there’s a higher risk of accidents.

That won’t necessarily happen to you, since stars only predispose but not impose. With a calm attitude and patience you can turn everything in your favor.
Aries Today

This morning you may feel tired and agitated. Try to keep your temper in check in order to avoid a conflict!

Try to avoid paying visits, even if your partner insists.

Make the most of every opportunity you get to rest more!
Taurus Today

This morning you may be agitated because you’re exhausted. You should slow down. If you go on like this, you might end up having health issues.

During the afternoon you could be facing some financial difficulties. Nothing to worry about, really.
Gemini Today

It seems you might go on a very important trip that could bring you significant benefits.

You should keep calm and avoid raising your voice when talking to an elder person.

You may be facing difficulties in your love life. Try to be less stubborn!
Cancer Today

You are likely to need a loan. Don’t fret! You’ll manage to get one eventually.

Keep calm and pay more attention to your need for rest! You might be predisposed to health issues.
Leo Today

This morning you might be facing communicational difficulties. You could become agitated and nervous. Postpone any business meeting or trip!

You may also want to avoid any activity that requires attention and concentration.

Household activities can go very well today.
Virgo Today

You may have to go on a business trip.

It looks like you’re not in the best mood and tend to overreact. Avoid imposing your own views on others or getting involved in arguments!

Your financial situation may not be that satisfactory. But you shouldn’t worry, because a significant amount of money seems to be coming your way.
Libra Today

Today you might tend to criticize everyone. Try to control that impulse!

Make sure you know the difference between spending and wasting money – and act accordingly! Your loved one may not agree with all your expenses. In order to avoid an argument, you may want to go shopping together.

You should pay more attention to your better half’s needs.
Scorpio Today

A relative from out of town might give you some bad news. This could be upsetting and determine a schedule change.

You may have to go on a trip unexpectedly. Drive carefully, because there’s a risk of being involved in a car crash!
Sagittarius Today

You shouldn’t take chances today, because you may be agitated and that might prevent you from making the right decisions.

If you can, avoid driving or traveling by car! You seem to be prone to accidents.

Try to avoid getting involved in arguments!
Capricorn Today

Today is likely to be very busy, with a lot of problems to solve. You might tend to get involved in more activities at once.

Try to manage your time efficiently. Just ask your family for support, if you need it!

During the evening you could visit friends.
Aquarius Today

You may want to be very cautious today, because you seem to be prone to health issues and even accidents. Avoid working overtime!

It would be in your best interest to avoid long trips and going to parties. You might feel worn out, tend to be pretty agitated, and get into arguments.
Pisces Today

An argument with your boss could upset you. It’s not advisable to show your displeasure.

You may want to take care of yourself. The efforts you intend to make could expose you to an increased risk of accidents.

Via: eAstrolog

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