Horoscope for Today Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Moon-Mars opposition predisposes to tension, irritation, arguments, and minor accidents.

You should keep a low profile today and postpone any important activity. If things don’t work out well, you’d better just stop and relax.

Aries Today

You might be agitated due to misunderstandings with a business partner. Keep calm and try to reach a compromise!

Be very careful when driving! You seem to be prone to accidents.
Taurus Today

You might get behind schedule because of some unexpected events.

Try to not expect much from a business, or you may be disappointed.

Postpone any major decision and try to remain calm!

During the evening you could forget about daily concerns and improve your mood.
Gemini Today

You might be tense – you’re unhappy with the lack of support at work. Be careful not to hurt the feelings of people from your circle!

During the evening you might receive some bad news related to a friend.
Cancer Today

You might be assigned additional tasks at work, and it could prove to be upsetting. Be careful! Your boss may not be in a very good mood either.

Don’t take your mood out on your family! You’d better try to find ways to relax more.
Leo Today

You seem determined to go on a business trip which you’ve been postponing for quite a while. Your loved one may be unhappy about the timing, because you’re badly needed at home. After a heated argument you might decide to cancel the trip altogether.

You should pay more attention to family issues.
Virgo Today

Your loved one might be unhappy because you spent too much on an item that you don’t really need.

You should avoid financial speculations. Today you may easily get into trouble.

Be careful with your friends!
Libra Today

You might be involved in a conflict at work because of gossip spread around by a workmate. Keep your temper in check! The misunderstandings should be cleared up shortly.

You might receive an unexpected and significant amount of money which will help solve most of your financial difficulties.
Scorpio Today

Be very careful while driving today, because there’s a risk of getting involved in an accident.

Whatever you do, keep calm and rely on intuition!
Sagittarius Today

The endeavor initiated today will most likely prove to be successful and profitable. Don’t hesitate to ask friends for help if you need it!

You should remain calm in order to avoid triggering an argument.

A close friend could visit during the afternoon and bring you some news about a common acquaintance having been involved in an accident.
Capricorn Today

This morning you might be upset because lack of money is preventing you from going on a family-related trip.

An older relative may not be willing to lend you the money you need. Don’t take it the hard way!

Try to be understanding and avoid a fight!
Aquarius Today

Your efforts at work should be appreciated by your boss.

A business of yours may fail because of unfavorable circumstances.

Try to avoid driving and meeting with friends today, because you seem prone to accidents!
Pisces Today

You may feel exhausted and tend to have a short fuse. Avoid getting into arguments, because they might trigger health issues!

You should postpone any business meeting today. This isn’t the time to push your luck in the financial department.

Via: eAstrolog


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