Horoscope for Today Tuesday, October 31, 2017


The Mercury-Moon trine favors decision-making and common sense in social interactions.

Today is favorable for communicating, for exchanging ideas, and for making sound decisions.
Aries Today

There’s a good chance at succeeding in business, but you’d have to run several errands. An older person might appreciate your fair play and offer the support you need.

During the afternoon you could face difficulties in your love life, but you can eventually overcome them.
Taurus Today

A neighbor might invite you to a party. Someone special could notice you. You’re likely to establish a long-lasting friendship.

You can rely on intuition, but you may want to consider your friends’ advice as well.
Gemini Today

You may be concerned with urgent personal issues. However, you should pay due attention to your loved one. Making a short trip together could help you forget about daily concerns and bring the two of you closer.

You should postpone making the changes that you have planned for today.
Cancer Today

You may be in very good shape and have the opportunity to solve a financial issue of the family. You might deal with major business issues and get the chance to complete tasks that you got started on some time ago.

Today is favorable for communicating with older people from your circle.
Leo Today

A close relative could offer you a gift that will make you very happy.

Your communicational skills can be great and help you solve a financial issue.

During the afternoon a friend might invite you to a party. You should keep your balance.
Virgo Today

During the morning you could be compelled to make a decision which will require changing your whole schedule. You might start making preparations for a party together with your friends.

Today is favorable for solving financial issues, as long as you avoid speculations of any kind.

You can rely on your intuition.
Libra Today

Your excellent communicational skills could have a positive impact upon your relationships.

You are likely to go on a trip soon due to some family matter.

You have good chances of gaining significant benefits from commercial activities.
Scorpio Today

A business trip could prove to be very successful. You should be patient and avoid getting involved in arguments with your partners.

During the afternoon you may manage to solve an older emotional issue.

As for your financial situation, you have no reasons to be concerned.
Sagittarius Today

You could be forced to make a major decision regarding your love life.

During the morning you might tend to get involved in several things at once. Friends will prove to be very supportive.

You might get the chance to obtain financial benefits, but steer clear of speculations!
Capricorn Today

You may have to go on a trip due to some family matter on very short notice.

Today is favorable for communicating and negotiating. You have good chances of completing something in which you invested a lot of money.

You should avoid arguments with an older person.
Aquarius Today

Today is favorable for communicating and for business trips.

You are likely to make a decision regarding your love life, which will prove to have positive consequences.

During the evening friends could invite you to a party. Keep in mind that you need to rest more!
Pisces Today

You could receive a present from your loved one, and friends may invite you on a short trip.

During the afternoon you could have to make a major decision regarding your love life.

You might receive some unpleasant news which may change your schedule for tomorrow.

Via: eAstrolog

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