Horoscope for Today Monday, October 30, 2017

The day’s main astrological aspect is the Moon-Neptune conjunction, that heightens intuition, altruism, empathy, and interest in spirituality.

On the other hand, the same conjunction can reduce your sense of reality and pragmatism.

It’s a day that should be dedicated to arts and cultivating talent.
Aries Today

Today creativity is at its best and it could help you outline ideas for a new professional or business project you’ve been contemplating for a while.

Intellectual pursuits are generally favored, as well as those involving artistic intuition and inspiration.

If you don’t rest more, you might end up with burnout.
Taurus Today

You might experience serious difficulty in all activities that involve a practical sense. It might be better to stick to routine.

On the other hand, you have a good chance at succeeding in pursuits that involve creativity and inspiration.

We advise you to pay close attention and be very careful about communicating with those around, because you risk being misunderstood.
Gemini Today

During the morning you seem to be more sensitive than usual, fact that could harm your ties with workmates or business partners.

We advise you to not rely on your practical sense too much, and make no promises if you’re not absolutely certain you can live up to your word.

This evening it seems you’ll get back into your usual shape. The best thing to do would be to relax doing something creative.
Cancer Today

You might receive some money that you weren’t expecting. It may be financial aid or a loan from a relative.

However excited you might be, it’s not the best time to make plans for the future, particularly when it comes to investments.

You should ask for the advice of your loved one and not make any rash decision.
Leo Today

Today you can rely on intuition. The astrological context is favorable for solving issues that require creativity and inspiration.

If you’re artistically-inclined, it’s time to make your talent shine and enjoy praise from those around.

A family member might ask for your help concerning a health issue.
Virgo Today

It seems you’re making plans for a new professional or business project. It’s a good day for finding original, creative solutions, but not for concrete, technical action.

Chances to succeed are good, provided you show patience and pay close attention to potential bureaucratic difficulty.
Libra Today

You may have trouble focusing during the morning.

It might be better to postpone significant pursuits and not start on anything new, because you might make errors that will end up costing a lot.

When in need, you can rely on the advice and help of workmates.
Scorpio Today

During the morning you might be somewhat confused, ill-tempered, and taciturn.

It’s not a good day for negotiations and discussion of any kind. It might be better to postpone business meetings or seeing friends.

Steer clear of financial speculation today, because the risk of loss is much greater than usual!
Sagittarius Today

Due to today’s astrological context, you can expect difficulty when trying to focus.

If you need to address complex professional issues, it might be better to postpone or ask for your workmates’ help.

It’s a good time to reaffirm your affection for your loved one.
Capricorn Today

Today seems to be difficult professionally, because pragmatism and efficiency aren’t at their best.

It might be better to postpone making significant decisions regarding business or your workplace, because you risk evaluating things wrongly.

We advise you to relax via some creative or artistic pursuit.
Aquarius Today

It’s a great day for creative, innovative pursuits. You have the opportunity to make your artistic talents shine.

During the evening you might meet someone who’s willing to support your artistic activity.

It’s a good time to have sincere and calm discussions with your loved one.
Pisces Today

This morning, a business meeting might result in disappointment. It would be better to not push it, but soon you’ll get the opportunity to turn things in your favor.

Financial speculations and any other risky activities aren’t advised.

You could spend a few pleasant hours in your loved-one’s company. You might even make plans for a vacation.

Via: eAstrolog

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