Horoscope for Today Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Venus-Pluto square predisposes to radical changes in one’s personal life, which might lead to domestic conflicts.

In order to prevent tension build-up in your love life, you should exercise self-control.
Aries Today

This morning money issues may make you cancel a personal trip, but your loved one could be unhappy about that decision.

You might be worried about the health condition of a younger family member – possibly a child or a sibling.

Keep calm!
Taurus Today

Melancholy could affect the relationship with your better half.

You have a good chance at succeeding in all domestic pursuits.

Try to pay more attention to elders in the family.
Gemini Today

You keep meeting with friends, and your family might miss you. You could even have an argument with your better half.

Try to manage your time in such a way that your love life won’t be affected.

Keep your temper in check!
Cancer Today

You might have an argument with your loved one, and your temper could affect social ties. Express yourself clearly and stay open to dialogue!

You may want to keep your pride in check.

The advice of a reliable friend could prove to be very useful.
Leo Today

You might be involved in a conflict with an elder relative. A kind word could easily solve everything.

You may want to choose your words more carefully today.

During the afternoon you may receive some good news regarding a business project.
Virgo Today

Humor your loved one and visit relatives! You could be in a bad mood because a business has failed, but your loved one won’t take no for an answer.

You should stick to routine activities.
Libra Today

This morning you could lose your temper and start a family argument over money. Don’t lose your head!

You should pay more attention to your need for rest. Anyway, it would be better for you to avoid challenging tasks today.
Scorpio Today

During the morning you might find it difficult to focus, and this may drive you mad. You should postpone any major decision.

You need to rest more. Tough days are in store for you this week, with many difficult tasks to accomplish.

This evening you could run into an old acquaintance whom you haven’t seen for quite a while.
Sagittarius Today

You could be apathetic and experience emotional issues. It seems you just want to be left alone.

No matter how bad a mood you’re in, you should pay more attention to your loved one.

A close friend could give you some sound advice regarding a business project. Avoid making hasty decisions!
Capricorn Today

You might tend to be rather jumpy today. You should watch your step, particularly when it comes to business and your love life.

Avoid investments and private trips today!

This isn’t a good time for working long hours, because you seem to be predisposed to health issues.
Aquarius Today

This morning you might not be in a very good mood, and tend to be unfair to your loved one. You could even start a fight.

Try to avoid business activities and meeting friends.

During the evening you might be asked to look after an older relative who has health issues.
Pisces Today

You may have to go on a business trip, and it could bother your loved one.

Do your best to keep your temper in check, no matter what!

You should avoid making investments today, because this isn’t the right time for that.

Via: eAstrolog

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