Horoscope for Today Friday, October 20, 2017

Aries Today

You might have just completed an important project and are already thinking to get a start on a new one. Try to slow down and take a break every now and then.

You may want to pay more attention to your loved ones. Do your best to avoid a family quarrel!
Taurus Today

You seem to have a short fuse today because you missed your chance regarding a profitable deal. Don’t take it out on the family! You’d better ask yourself whether you’ve done your partners wrong.

Consider your loved one’s advice!

You could recover your good mood this evening during a meeting with close friends.
Gemini Today

Your loved one may reproach you with your lack of affection and giving too much importance to business. Your efforts to gain financial benefits shouldn’t drive you to neglecting your love life.

Do your best to pay your need to rest the due attention.
Cancer Today

A misunderstanding may lead to an argument with one of your business partners. Try to keep calm in order to avoid ruining the partnership.

A close friend could visit during the afternoon and help you get over your issues easier.
Leo Today

Don’t make a tight schedule for today! Unexpected events may occur. You might find out that a close relative is in poor health.

You may have to spend more money than you can afford. You can always ask a close friend for help!
Virgo Today

A minor argument with your loved one could turn into a fight. Keep your temper in check!

Friends could invite you to spend the evening together.
Libra Today

Your love life and social ties may be affected by your failure to communicate.

You may feel worn out and in no mood to see anybody. But you should consider going out with your better half.

You’d better communicate in order to avoid being misunderstood!
Scorpio Today

You might be making preparations for a trip or a short vacation. An older family member may offer advice worth considering.

During the evening you could be invited to a party. It’s probably best to accept the invitation.
Sagittarius Today

You can be successful in any domestic activities.

If you’re invited to go on a trip, it might be better to decline. You seem to be prone to accidents.

Rely on intuition and stick to your guns even if your friends insist otherwise!
Capricorn Today

Your financial situation seems to have improved and you could be planning to visit relatives. It’s best to get in touch so you’ll be sure to find them home.

You may experience some health problems this afternoon. Nothing serious, but you might want to see a doctor.
Aquarius Today

You seem to be very busy before noon, dealing with an urgent issue. Your family could ask for help. Since you don’t have that much time on your hands, you might be tempted to refuse offering it.

The mood at home may become somewhat tense, but everything should get back to normal by evening.

Try to remain calm and pay due attention to your need for rest.
Pisces Today

You could feel unwell before noon and become unable to keep to your schedule. What is likely to bother you the most is that you won’t be able to visit a friend.

During the afternoon you might receive news about an inheritance. You shouldn’t start making plans for the future until you actually come into possession of the money.

Via: eAstrolog

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