15 Extremely Weird Things All Couples in Long-Term Relationships Do

A long term relationship can be a great thing. You get to share every moment with another person you love. They are there to comfort you through the bad, celebrate with you through the good and, everything in between. It teaches you the meaning of true love as you learn every side of the other person and share your life with them. It additionally teaches you trust as you let your partner see every side of you.


Helping your partner out becomes the first priority and what you consider to be unthinkably disgusting with anyone else is something you’re happy to do for your partner. Like for instance popping each other’s pimples. Even the thought of popping an acquaintance’s pimple makes me squirm.


You two quickly develop the weirdest nicknames for each other. You’ve got the standard cute, lovey dovey nicknames but it’s not just those kind of nicknames. You get the mean nicknames that are somehow amazingly endearing more because of who said the name rather than the name itself.


As you spend all that time with your significant other eventually you’re going to let slip some smelly, and noisy gases in the company of your partner. Luckily, this isn’t an issue for you and your partner. It’s just natural bodily functions and you two get that about each other.


One of the perks of getting totally comfortable being yourself around another person is that it means dancing like there’s nobody around becomes dancing like it’s just you and your partner. And the best part is that they join in with their crazy dance moves.


First thing in the morning breath can be a pretty strong. However, it doesn’t put either of you off a morning kiss. That’s because there is nothing in the world that beats starting you day with a big kiss first thing in the morning.


Showers are great. There’s no arguing it. They are warm and comforting, and energising at the same time. Not to mention nothing beats that clean feeling and fragrant smell. But showering with your partner brings it to a new level. It saves time, water, and it’s just simply more convenient and enjoyable.


A relationship makes you lazy. You feel so comfortable and happy relaxing in each other’s company that the time you spend out tends to decrease drastically. But eventually one, or both, of you crave getting out together more. Often only to miss staying at home together.


In every relationship there are fights, and they can be healthy. They help for you two to establish with each other the things that are really important to you even if you and your partner disagree. But still, you can’t go long without their company.


A man’s jumper’s, and other clothes, ownership seems to come into question. It always seems to turn out that your girlfriend is wearing your jumper or boxers. But to balance it out for you they look so sexy and cute that it’s more endearing than annoying.


It’s not like going out to dinner with your family. You don’t always have to be on your best behaviour and have your best manners about you. Because your partner knows you so well and still loves you can let your guard down and those little bad habits of yours aren’t a problem.


Weekends become about relaxing and making up for all that time you and your partner had to be apart during the week. Between work and studies during the week you can miss out on a lot of time together. But it’s nothing a weekend of tv shows and popcorn together can’t fix.


When making plans in your lives the filter that all your decision making goes through gets an extra layer. And it very possibly becomes the most important layer. This is the ‘We’ layer. You start asking yourself questions “does this work for both of us?” before making decisions.


Simultaneously your sleeping schedule tends to sync up and you guys get invited to the same events. This is because every couple wants to go to sleep at the same time, and a missing partner in the morning is noticed. Also, your friend circles merge.


If you two get a pet together they become more like a child than simply a pet. There’s also something hugely amusing to both of you to do voice overs for your new baby. They can’t talk, but they are so expressive they just need a voice.


Good news! A long term relationship gives you super powers too. You get telepathy, well a limited version of telepathy. You can your partner can read each other’s minds with just a simple exchange of meaningful looks. Great for getting out of parties.

Via: CultureHook

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