Your Inner Sexual Beast, According To Your Zodiac

Many signs of the Zodiac already come with their own animal sign, but we think they could use some reinventing. After all Pisces, you don’t want to be known as a dead fish in bed, do you? We didn’t think so. So we made a list of all the signs of the Zodiac and their corresponding sexual beasts. Are you a great, wild cat of the jungle? Or are you on the more caring and cuddly side of the intimacy spectrum? We’ll tell you right now! And don’t worry, none of you are worms. We’re not that mean. Do you agree with your inner beast? Let us know in the comments!


Aries. Aries is a passionate lover that craves adventure and excitement. The Aries is strong and determined, and what better creature is there to embody these traits than the tiger? You’re fierce and exotic. You’re a creature of passion who loves to aggressively throw all of yourself into whatever you’re doing. So sexually, that’s a huge plus for whoever is sleeping with you. But tigers have claws…


Taurus. Taurus is foxy in every sense of the word. You’re sexy and clever, but you can also be pretty coy. You love to be sensual, but you also need your partner to come to you. You require patience, but you’re totally worth it. Foxes are also quite curious animals, as is the Taurus. You want to explore yourself, and your partner, sexually, but you’re not going to just dive right in. You’ll sniff around a bit, get your bearings.


Pisces. Pisces is the most romantic sign, and as such we had to think of an animal that goes to great lengths to make loving gestures for their mate. The male penguin is known to search as far and wide as it needs to in order to find the perfect pebble to present to his special lady.


Virgo. The love and the sensual connection between these two elephants is what the Virgo is all about. It can be difficult for a Virgo to let their guard down, but once they do they give themselves entirely to their lover. They love to love and be loved.


Capricorn. You’re a difficult one, Capricorn, there’s no getting around it. You can be hard to please and a diva at times, but once that special someone strokes you just the right way, you’ll be attached for life.


Cancer. Like man’s best friend, Cancer is all about affection. You prefer making love to having sex and you’ll always shower your lover with kisses. You’re a very selfless person in bed and out.


Gemini. You tend to flit from lover to lover, much like a hummingbird floats from flower to flower. You’re beautiful and unique but always on the go. It will take someone extremely special to land you, Gemini.


Leo. While we haven’t been abiding by the other signs’ given animals, Leo is one that has to remain true. You’re a lion, through and through. You’re loyal and dominant; an unquestionable leader in the sheets. You love to take control and give your partner a roaring good time.


Sagittarius. No one likes to have fun like a Sagittarius, and the dolphin is the most fun-loving animal we can think of. The dolphin is also known for being able to pull of tons of tricks, which definitely speaks to your abilities in the bedroom.


Libra. Libras don’t like to be alone. Otters are known to hold hands in the water so as to not float away from each other, and this is exactly the kind of creature you are. You love being intimate and you never want to let go.


Aquarius. You are a highly intellectual sign, so you need someone who can stimulate your imagination both in conversation and in the sack. Apes and monkeys are the closest to humans biologically speaking, not to mention they’re highly intelligent, emotional, and fun.


Scorpio. Could a Scorpio be anything other than a dragon? You’re fiery to the core. It takes you some time to genuinely trust someone, but there is no one hotter than you when it comes to sex. You are at the top of the sexual food chain.

Via: RebelCircus


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