Horoscope for Today Tuesday, October 17, 2017


The Moon-Mars conjunction favors sudden and unpleasant changes. Misunderstandings over minor issues may easily escalate into full-blown fights.

This planetary aspect also generates a certain degree of agitation that may lead to various accidents.

You should remain calm and avoid getting into arguments.
Aries Today

A family member might fail to keep a promise regarding money. Don’t rush to remonstrate! The reasons may be objective.

Try to be more flexible today when it comes to friends and family.
Taurus Today

Your work-efforts as of late could start bringing in benefits.

Relationships may be affected by the tense atmosphere.

You should postpone meeting with friends and be very careful when driving, because you seem to be prone to accidents.
Gemini Today

Your loved one might remonstrate you for no good reason. Keep calm and avoid an argument!

You may want to pay more attention to family and especially to your better half.

Keep your temper in check when talking to an older family member!
Cancer Today

You might be involved in an argument at work because of the rumors spread by an older lady in your circle. Don’t fight back! Everything should get back to normal shortly.

During the afternoon you might receive an unexpected amount of money.
Leo Today

Be very careful when driving today! There’s a risk of being involved in a car accident.

Make sure you’ve checked the car’s technical condition before driving it!

You should avoid financial speculation.
Virgo Today

Today seems to be very busy, with lots of problems to solve at work. Workmates won’t be very supportive, apparently. Keep your temper in check or you might say things you don’t really mean and later on regret!

During the afternoon you might receive some bad news about a friend having been involved in an accident.
Libra Today

You might tend to be rather impulsive because of some misunderstandings with your boss. Be careful about what you say!

You should keep your temper in check when talking to your loved one, because you risk ruining the harmony of your home.
Scorpio Today

Before noon you might receive some long-awaited news regarding a personal trip that you’re making soon.

Your loved one might not agree with the timing of this trip. After a heated argument you may decide to postpone or cancel it altogether.
Sagittarius Today

You seem to be rather cranky due to stress and exhaustion.

Avoid getting into arguments! You are predisposed to health issues and even accidents.

You may want to avoid long trips and business meetings.
Capricorn Today

This morning you could face some serious difficulties in working with one of your business partners. The reason seems to be a disagreement over a major investment.

You should avoid an argument and do your best to reach a compromise. If you manage to avoid a fight, the business project will most likely prove to be profitable.
Aquarius Today

Unforeseen events might prevent you from keeping to your schedule.

Don’t expect much from a business you’ve recently gotten started, or you may be disappointed!

Try to postpone making major decisions and avoid acting on impulse.
Pisces Today

You might start a new activity that could result in material gain if you manage to not over-criticize.

Try to be more flexible and understanding with your workmates and loved one! Any argument may turn into a fight.

A family friend could visit during the afternoon and give you a special gift.

Via: eAstrolog

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