Horoscope for Today Thursday, October 12, 2017

Aries Today

You should avoid taking chances today. Your edginess might affect you in all regards.

You’d better be careful if driving today, because you seem to be accident-prone.

Avoid getting into arguments!
Taurus Today

It seems you’ll be busy dealing with issues that have been postponed for a while.

This morning you might be agitated and unable to get yourself together. Prioritizing is the key to success!

Guests may come over during the afternoon.

You should avoid any kind of speculations.
Gemini Today

Today you’d better avoid long trips and going to parties. You might tend to be rather irritated and start a fight.

You should stick to routine activities and pay more attention to your need for rest.

A friend will offer the opportunity to join a business project. Don’t rush to make a decision today!
Cancer Today

You might receive some bad news from your boss, which could spoil your mood for the rest of the day. You may be fined for being behind on a major task. Keep your temper in check!

A workmate will give you sound advice.
Leo Today

It seems you’ll be successful at work, but need to work overtime.

Careful!! A workmate is envious of your success and will try to involve you in a fight.

Your loved one could be upset with your having to work overtime. You may need to postpone a visit that you planned for today.
Virgo Today

You might have a heated argument with a lady over some financial issues. It seems she’s unable to return a loan in due time.

This afternoon you seem to be prone to health issues and accidents.

Avoid trips and be very careful!
Libra Today

If you have to go on a trip, you should be cautious and not speed. You might risk getting involved in a car accident.

Today you may want to postpone business meetings, because you might not be very convincing and could end up closing bad deals.

You’ll most likely have a good time with friends. Be careful not to neglect your loved one!
Scorpio Today

This morning, friends might invite you to go on a trip. If you accept the invitation, the relationship with your loved one may become tense and the two of you could even get into a fight over it.

Your loved one might be unhappy with your having to borrow money again. You would better ask for your family’s opinion and make a joint decision.
Sagittarius Today

This morning you might be fidgety and nervous, because you need a significant amount of money and nobody seems willing to give you a loan.

Keep calm! You seem to be prone to major health issues.

You should avoid arguing with your loved one – they might help you get the money you need.
Capricorn Today

After a tough time at work, you’re beginning to feel worn out. If you won’t slow down with work, you could experience health issues.

During the afternoon you might experience financial difficulties. Don’t worry, you should be able to solve these issues pretty easily!
Aquarius Today

Looks like you might wake up in a bad mood and be moody throughout the morning. If you don’t control yourself, chances are you’ll start a fight at work.

You should avoid meeting friends and relatives. Take advantage of the extra spare time and rest more!
Pisces Today

This morning you may receive some bad news that could spoil your mood and cause schedule changes.

You and your loved one may have to go on a long trip. If you’re driving, be more careful than usual.

Via: eAstrologj

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