Horoscope for Today Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The Sun-Pluto square may bring about surprising turn of events, break-ups and various conflicts.

You may have to deal with various misunderstandings and learn that people don’t appreciate what you’ve been saying and doing.

Keep calm and avoid arguments! It’s time you learned the lesson of humility.
Aries Today

An older person in the family could help you clear up a misunderstanding with your loved one, caused by recent financial issues.

You have every reason to be optimistic and patient. The tense atmosphere will soon disappear.

In business, you should consider a friend’s advice.
Taurus Today

It could be a very busy time, particularly at home, but your disposition might not be the best. Your failure to keep to schedule may make you agitated and eager to get into fights.

Don’t try to impose your strong views on your friends and loved one! You may not be very realistic today.
Gemini Today

You seem to be full of energy and able to complete a task you began working on a while ago.

A friend may offer you a part-time job. Don’t rush to turn down the offer!

You should avoid disagreements because they might lead to full-on conflict with your loved one.
Cancer Today

You may not feel very well, and might be in no mood to meet with friends.

Your state of apathy may put you in an unpleasant situation at home.

Try to be more understanding with people around you, who might be expecting more from you!
Leo Today

Be careful what you say, especially if someone from your circle is getting on your nerves! You might tend to react impulsively.

During the afternoon you could receive a major sum of money from a relative. Your loved one may not agree with your plan to buy an expensive item.

You should avoid making hasty decisions.
Virgo Today

During the morning you might feel stressed at work because of some urgent matters you’re expected to solve. Consider your workmates’ advice!

You may want to show more tenderness to your loved one. Neglecting your love life won’t help you achieve more in the professional department.
Libra Today

You should deal with the most important issues before noon – that’s when you have more energy.

During the afternoon, your desire for more freedom could affect the relationship with your loved one. You might even run the risk of a break-up.

You should pay more attention to your love life. Try to show more tenderness to your better half!
Scorpio Today

You could have the opportunity to make important changes in your love life.

During the morning you might meet someone special. Don’t rush things and rely on your intuition!

You might want to consider the advice of an experienced friend.
Sagittarius Today

This morning you might feel discontent with one of your business partners who seems to be envious of you. The best thing you can do is pretend you haven’t noticed.

During the evening you might tend to argue with everybody. You should keep calm.
Capricorn Today

You intend to make changes at home, but your plans may be misunderstood and lead to a fight. In order to clear the issue, you should keep your cool.

During the afternoon you might have to run several errands in order to solve a financial issue.

Today you can rely on your intuition.
Aquarius Today

If you’re about to go on a trip you can count on everything going as planned.

Relationships with your friends should be excellent. You might argue with your loved one if you don’t help an older family member.

Try to be more diplomatic. At least consider your friends’ suggestions!
Pisces Today

You should follow traffic rules carefully or you might get a ticket.

This isn’t a good time for concluding financial transactions or making major decisions.

Pay more attention to your loved one’s needs!
Via: eAstrolog

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