Horoscope for Today Monday, October 9, 2017

Aries Today

You might have guests from out of town and will have to completely change your schedule. The guests might ask for your help due to urgent health issues.

A close friend may give you a piece of unpleasant news during the afternoon.
Taurus Today

You’re determined to solve a financial issue which has been bothering you for some time.

If you get the opportunity to join a new business, you should accept without hesitation. This may bring you significant benefits, with little effort and minimal risks. You may want to consider your loved one’s opinion as well.
Gemini Today

An older person will help you solve an emotional problem. You might want to follow the advice and moderate your pride.

During the evening you may learn that someone close is seriously ill. This will make you change your schedule for the next several days.
Cancer Today

You could be facing difficulties at work and at home because of your state of agitation. This may be because a business of yours has failed and you stand to lose a large amount of money.

You should try to remain calm, or you’ll tend to act on impulse.
Leo Today

Your higher-ups might say that your vacation has been postponed because of some issues that you have to deal with urgently.

You should keep your temper in check, or you may trigger an argument with bad consequences.

Make sure you don’t take it out on your family!
Virgo Today

Business partners may be angry because they feel you haven’t been trying hard enough to solve certain financial issues that are your exclusive responsibility.

The relationship with your loved one could be rather tense. Fortunately, your communication skills are very good today and will allow you to clear up all misunderstandings.
Libra Today

You might be involved in a car accident with serious consequences. Therefore you should be very careful, both when driving and when crossing the street.

Your financial situation will soon improve. You are likely to either get a raise or a bonus at work.
Scorpio Today

You’ll tend to overstate the need for emotional freedom and your loved one could misunderstand. You should remain balanced and pay more attention to your love life.

Friends won’t favor your ideas today. Make sure you express yourself clearly in order to avoid any misunderstanding!
Sagittarius Today

Unexpected events may occur before noon, preventing you from keeping to your schedule.

This is not an auspicious time for starting a new business – you might fail and lose your nerve for a long while.

Pay close attention to advice given by someone more experienced than you!
Capricorn Today

This morning you could be late at a meeting and miss a profitable deal. Don’t take it too hard!

Try to relax and forget about your daily concerns for a while! After all, tomorrow is another day, and other opportunities will come your way.
Aquarius Today

You’ll have to run many errands before noon. Be very careful, or you may lose a lot of money!

Don’t make a tragedy out of this and, most of all, don’t take it out on your family!
Pisces Today

You might be upset because you didn’t get a new part-time job or because an investment proved to be unprofitable. You could feel that nothing goes your way and everybody is against you.

You should relax more in order to get rid of your pessimism. You may also want to accept your friends’ invitations.

Via: eAstrolog

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