Horoscope for Today Sunday, October 8, 2017


The Mercury-Sun conjunction may bring about major changes in everybody’s lifestyle, as well as in ideas and beliefs.

Don’t be surprised if such changes might occur to you or anybody around! There are moments in life when destiny requires changes.
Aries Today

Today you might tend to be pretty stubborn and have a difficult time co-operating with workmates. Try to be more flexible!

During the afternoon you could be facing a disappointment in your love life. You’d better take all the help your friends are offering.
Taurus Today

Be careful about what you say today!

A business partner’s attitude can disappoint you and cause you to be impulsive.

During the afternoon you might receive a significant amount of money from an elder lady. Your loved one may not agree with your intention of buying a valuable item. In order to avoid a fight, you shouldn’t make impulsive decisions.
Gemini Today

A workmate whom you used to trust might deeply disappoint you.

You should be more cautious and avoid arguments.

Your sudden need for independence might affect your friendships as well as your love life.
Cancer Today

Some unpleasant news concerning someone close could change your schedule completely. You may have to go on a trip.

Friends will appreciate your helping them in need. Your loved one will most likely be right by your side.

Keep in mind that you need to rest more!
Leo Today

During the morning you may feel confused because of some emotional issues.

Try to pay more attention to household-related activities. It’s a good time for redecorating, painting, making repairs, and so on.

Avoid arguments with a relative who may try to impose their own views.
Virgo Today

You may have to deal with a disappointment in your love life.

You might tend to be more emotional than usual and find it difficult to express yourself clearly. Communication is the key!

Keep your pride in check, or friends might turn away from you!
Libra Today

You seem to be concerned with your financial situation, and tend to neglect your relationship. Your loved one might remonstrate you for being careless.

Financial issues aren’t worth neglecting your love life!

Avoid speculations of any kind!
Scorpio Today

An older man’s advice could help you defuse a family conflict.

Don’t try to solve everything by yourself! You may not be able to focus well.

You should accept the support offered by a close friend.
Sagittarius Today

This morning you might be in a bad mood and fail to communicate efficiently. Keep calm and try to sort things out!

During the evening you may be invited to a party. You could get the opportunity to meet someone who will play an important part in your life later on.
Capricorn Today

This morning, issues related to an inheritance could put you on the move.

During the afternoon you may be making preparations for a trip together with your loved one.

Your original ideas might yield results before long. You can make plans for the future, but should be patient.
Aquarius Today

You might be offered a new job or get a promotion. This would involve more responsibilities, and a bigger paycheck as well.

You should ask for your loved one’s opinion and consider the advice of an older, more experienced relative.
Pisces Today

Today you may be facing certain financial difficulties. Don’t get discouraged by it! You are likely to have better luck during the afternoon. A friend might offer you a long-term side-job which may prove to be very profitable.

Your loved one might reproach you with your neglecting the younger members of the family.

Via: eAstrolog

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