Horoscope for Today Saturday, October 7, 2017


The Jupiter-Moon opposition brings about agitation and diminishes luck in business and other fields.

It also predisposes to conflicts with authorities, so try to be more careful than usual.
Aries Today

You might be worked-up or angry due to financial difficulties. Calm down or you could trigger conflicts at work!

You should postpone making any major decision.

Today you’d better avoid speculations of any kind.
Taurus Today

This morning partnerships might become tense because you’re agitated.

Try to postpone doing things related to long-term investment projects, because your chances to succeed are rather thin today. You may tend to take a lot of chances and end up failing dramatically.

Consider an older relative’s advice!
Gemini Today

This morning you may have to go on a business trip.

It looks like you’re not in the best of moods and could tend to overreact. Don’t try to impose your own views on others!

Financial issues might upset you, but there is no real reason for concern. You are likely to receive some money from a close relative shortly.
Cancer Today

This morning your schedule may have to change because of some family issues that need to be dealt with.

A friend could invite you to join in a business partnership that could help improve your budget.

Today you’d better avoid speculations of any kind. This isn’t a good time for easy money.
Leo Today

This isn’t a good time to ask for a raise, because chances to get one are rather thin.

Try to stick to routine and avoid challenging tasks.

During the afternoon you could spend quality family time.
Virgo Today

This morning a relative from out of town might call to let you know that they’re going to visit shortly.

Try to avoid heated arguments with your loved one.

You can rely on intuition, and your friends’ advice is also worth considering.
Libra Today

You might be less inspired or sociable today.

Try to avoid business meetings and traveling, because you seem to be prone to making mistakes.

Don’t get a start on difficult or tedious tasks today! You could, however, succeed in domestic activities.
Scorpio Today

You could have many issues to deal with, but seem to be in a rather bad mood.

Try to avoid taking major risks, because luck isn’t on your side.

Don’t lose your head and avoid arguments with the family!
Sagittarius Today

This morning, a call from a relative could spoil the good mood. You might have to go on an unscheduled trip.

If you have to drive, be more careful than usual! A ticket might be in store for you.

Avoid getting involved in heated arguments!
Capricorn Today

You may feel tempted to deal with several things at a time. This isn’t the right time for you to rush or be impatient, because you seem to be prone to making mistakes.

You might want to manage your time more efficiently.

Don’t expect money to come your way today! Chances of that happening are pretty slim.
Aquarius Today

This morning you could be in a bad mood because of some financial difficulties.

Try to keep a level head no matter what, and rely on an older person’s advice.

Avoid any speculation today, or you might get in trouble with the authorities!
Pisces Today

Try to be more careful about your expenses! To avoid an argument with your loved one, you may want to go shopping together.

Today you might tend to criticize everybody around. You should pay more attention to your loved one’s needs.

Via: eAstrolog

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