Horoscope for Today Friday, October 6, 2017

The Uranus-Moon conjunction predisposes to dynamic and unusual lifestyle changes. It can also bring about a certain degree of instability in family and love life, because everyone will most likely attempt to get their own way.

Try to stay calm and well-balanced about everything you do!


Aries Today

This morning you seem to be determined to get things done when it comes to chores.

An older male family member could help you out financially, but he’ll also try to impose his own views. Avoid getting into an argument that could affect your relationship!

During the afternoon a close relative could give you some good news.
Taurus Today

You may be very successful in business meetings. Relationships with family and friends will probably go very well too.

This morning you might run into an old acquaintance whom you have not seen for a long time.

You might have to deal with urgent home-related issues during the afternoon. Try to take into consideration the needs of your younger family members!
Gemini Today

You may go through some minor misunderstandings with your loved one. All could easily be cleared up if you prove to be kind.

This evening, while visiting friends, your relationship will most likely go back to a state of harmony and the good mood will return. Make sure you don’t do anything that could trigger your loved one’s jealousy!
Cancer Today

You could be confused because of issues related to your love life.

Don’t try to solve all your problems by yourself! You may want to accept the support offered by your close ones.

A relative could give you some valuable advice that might prove useful in avoiding a family argument.
Leo Today

You can be successful when it comes to studies, partnerships, and financial transactions. All of the above could bring you significant benefits.

This afternoon you might have to go on a trip. You may cause a scene because you’re jealous.

Try to avoid making hasty decisions.
Virgo Today

Your nerves might get you in an unpleasant situation. It’s likely you’ll start a fight with either your loved one or an older family member.

Keep calm and focus on those issues that are most important!

You need to rest more.
Libra Today

It seems you’re in for a busy day – you’ll probably be running back and forth until noon.

You might be in a bad mood and tend to overreact. Stubbornness may get you into an argument with your loved one.

You should avoid challenging activities and pay more attention to your need to relax.
Scorpio Today

It seems that this morning you’ll be very energetic and enthusiastic.

However, you should avoid overreacting and getting into arguments with workmates.

During the afternoon you might face an unexpected issue in your relationship. It’s time to pay more attention to your loved one!
Sagittarius Today

You may have the chance to earn some extra financial benefits, though not significant, provided you avoid speculations.

This afternoon you might get into an argument with your loved one if you don’t agree to visit relatives.

You should pay more attention to friends and close relatives.
Capricorn Today

It seems now is a good time to deal with financial issues. Chances are you’ll manage to improve your family’s budget.

If the opportunity arises for you to join in a new business, you should accept without hesitation.

But before you do so, try to find out what your loved one thinks about it.
Aquarius Today

People probably expect you to deal with lots of issues, so you might want to carefully sort out your priorities.

This morning you may have to deal with unexpected expenses.

A beloved relative could need your help urgently.
Pisces Today

It’s most likely a good day for implementing your business plans. You can make good progress when it comes to your financials.

Relationships with friends and workmates will probably go well. However, your desire to be more independent could trigger heated arguments with your family.

You should be more understanding and try to communicate calmly.

Via: eAstrolog

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