Horoscope for Today Thursday, October 5, 2017


The Sun-Moon opposition – meaning the Full Moon – predisposes to edginess and agitation. It also increases the risk of accidents.

This aspect may bring about dramatic changes, and disappointments might occur where least expected.
Aries Today

Today you might encounter embarrassing financial difficulties.

Try to keep calm and avoid getting into a fight!

You should rely on intuition and consider a relative’s advice.
Taurus Today

You seem to intend to take on new responsibilities at work, but feel uncertain about chances of success. If you ignore your workmates’ opinions, there might be heated arguments.

Try to set your priorities in order and don’t push things!
Gemini Today

Unexpected events may occur this morning preventing you from keeping to your schedule.

Don’t expect much from a business that looks promising!

During the evening you could have a great time with family.
Cancer Today

You are very determined, but you might not be able to control circumstances.

This isn’t the right time for taking on new responsibilities. You could be confused and unable to cope with all of the day’s tasks.

During the evening you and your loved one might make plans for the weekend.
Leo Today

Apparently you’re worried over nothing. Chances are you’ll succeed professionally and financially.

You might feel rather worn out and become cranky. Don’t start looking for holes in other people’s coats!

You need to rest more.
Virgo Today

During the morning you might not be in very good shape and get worked up.

This isn’t the time to take risks.

You should keep calm and arm yourself with patience.
Libra Today

You may be confused because of certain issues in your love life.

You should accept the support of close friends.

You may want to postpone making any decisions in order to avoid a family quarrel.
Scorpio Today

Your schedule might change completely because of a canceled business trip. You may get upset over the idea of wasting valuable time.

People close to you could prove to be very supportive.
Sagittarius Today

Before noon you might feel overwhelmed by a series of failures.

You could become jumpy and get into fights. Do your best to keep your temper in check!

You may want to postpone any business meetings that you have scheduled for today.
Capricorn Today

You seem to be confused and prone to making mistakes. You should focus only on the most urgent of issues.

This morning you might disappoint a close friend.

Don’t try to find holes in other people’s coats!
Aquarius Today

During the morning you might become cranky and it may affect partnerships.

Keep calm and pay no attention to trifles!

You should avoid business and social activities – today you’re prone to blunders.
Pisces Today

Today you may find it more difficult to focus, so you should postpone making major decisions.

It would be better to avoid activities requiring intellectual effort.

Pay more attention to your need for rest!

Via: eAstrolog

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