Horoscope for Today Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Venus-Pluto trine brings about more optimism and good luck in all fields of activity. People will feel the need for changes, particularly in the love life area.

It’s up to each of us whether these changes will be for the better or not.

Aries Today

You may face difficulties in your love life. Your excellent communicational skills could help you sort things out.

You shouldn’t overreact to the issues you may be experiencing in your social life. You should pay more attention to what you say in public.
Taurus Today

A disappointment regarding your love life might get you upset before noon.

You should postpone business meetings, because you seem to be too disturbed. You may want to express yourself more clearly in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Try not to be so proud and stubborn!
Gemini Today

Today seems to be favorable for you. You’re likely to succeed in all undertakings. You are, however, advised to express your thoughts clearly in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Just have patience! The money you need will most likely come soon.
Cancer Today

You may tend to criticize everybody and disagree with everything.

You might get angry with one of your business partners or your boss. Keep calm!

Avoid arguments with your loved one or workmates!
Leo Today

This doesn’t seem to be the right time to initiate new activities, because you might not be able to complete anything successfully. You should only deal with urgent matters.

You might have many problems on your hands, but try to postpone dealing with them.

It’s time to focus on social issues and matters of the heart.
Virgo Today

This morning you might be in a bad mood due to financial and emotional difficulties. You should pay more attention to your social and family ties.

During the afternoon, friends could invite you over. You might have the opportunity to meet someone special.
Libra Today

You are likely to solve some emotional issues. You can defuse tensions by showing more tenderness to people dear to you.

Although your financial status might not be quite satisfactory right now, you can remain optimistic. During the afternoon an older relative could give you a significant amount of money.
Scorpio Today

Your love life might be affected today by how confused you feel.

Avoid going overboard in social matters! Try not to argue with your workmates!

During the evening, you and your loved one could visit friends or relatives, and you’ll most likely manage to regain your good disposition.
Sagittarius Today

You shouldn’t try to solve all domestic issues by yourself. You might face serious difficulties if you do so. Your family is willing to help.

An older person from your circle could give you some useful advice helping you clear a misunderstanding with your loved one.
Capricorn Today

You might be very unhappy about being unable to go on a business trip.

Keep your temper in check! Blaming others won’t help.

You should pay more attention to your social ties and love life.
Aquarius Today

A lady in your circle could help you overcome mixed feelings. You should remain optimistic, because the difficulties you are facing should prove to be temporary.

During the afternoon you might find out that you’re going on a trip abroad shortly.
Pisces Today

You might tend to overreact in emotional and business matters. Keep your temper in check, or friends may distance themselves from you!

Don’t be selfish and don’t hesitate to help people in need! You may also want to take better care of yourself and your health.

Via: eAstrolog


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