Horoscope for Today Sunday, October 1, 2017


Today’s astrological configuration favors a general feeling of discontent. The main cause seems to be a desire to achieve more and feel useful.

If you have traveling plans try to postpone, because unpleasant events are likely to occur.
Aries Today

You shouldn’t get involved in business-related activities today since unexpected events may occur.

You may find out that a relative is ill. It might mean you’ll have to make several short trips and spend a lot.

If you don’t have enough money, you can ask your friends for help.
Taurus Today

Friends might invite you to spend the afternoon together. The relationship with your loved one could become tense because of your differences over what is a good time to come home.

You may tend to act on impulse. Try to be more understanding!
Gemini Today

Your communicational skills could be lackluster today, so your love life and social ties might be affected.

You may feel tired and in no mood to see friends. You might even be reluctant to go out with your loved one.

Don’t avoid dialogue, if you don’t want to be misunderstood!
Cancer Today

You could be making preparations to go on a short vacation. Consider the advice offered by an older family member!

During the evening you might be invited to a party. Maybe you should decline the invitation, if you need to get up bright and early.

Check your luggage and papers thoroughly!
Leo Today

You can be successful in domestic activities.

If you intend to go on a trip try to postpone it, because you seem to be prone to accidents.

You should rely on intuition and follow your own path no matter what others are saying.
Virgo Today

With an improved budget, you may intend to go on a trip and visit relatives. Before you leave, you’d better check whether you will find them at home or not!

During the afternoon you could experience minor health problems. Don’t worry! It’s nothing a short diet can’t fix. You should feel much better tomorrow.
Libra Today

You seem to be very busy before noon, dealing with urgent business matters. You may tend to neglect your family.

During the afternoon there might be tensions at home, but everything can come back to normal in the evening.

You should keep calm and pay due attention to your need for rest.
Scorpio Today

This morning you might experience a health problem and have to change your schedule.

During the afternoon you may receive some news regarding an inheritance. Don’t start making plans for the future until you actually receive the money!
Sagittarius Today

You can successfully complete an important project and already start thinking about a new one. Your family might get upset over your plans.

Try to shorten the long working hours. You may want to pay more attention to your loved ones. You don’t want to upset your better half, do you?
Capricorn Today

The failure of a business project could be upsetting and make you cranky. Don’t take it out on your family! You’d better try to find the real reason behind your failure.

Try to remain calm and consider your loved one’s suggestions.

You can manage to relax during the afternoon by meeting friends.
Aquarius Today

You might have an argument with your loved one, who will remonstrate you for your lack of affection and dedicating too much time to business.

Try to moderate your need to make more money and pay more attention to those close to you.

You may want to rest more and forget about your daily concerns for a while.
Pisces Today

You might misunderstand the initiatives of a business partner and start a fight. Try to talk things over calmly, or you may end up ending the partnership!

A close friend could visit during the afternoon and help you overcome all difficulties.

Via: eAstrolog

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