Horoscope for Today Saturday, September 30, 2017


The Neptune-Venus opposition may increase tensions in the couple up to serious conflicts.

You might also feel the need to make changes in your habits and attitudes. You may want to start by trying to be more tolerant.

Aries Today
You seem to be in great shape and may succeed in everything you do today.

You might tend to be rather whimsical, which could deteriorate the relationship with your loved one.

Choose your words carefully! It can’t hurt if you let an older relative help you.
Taurus Today

You can manage to assert yourself in society. Your charisma may help you conclude profitable long-term deals.

Don’t try to find holes in your loved one’s coat! You might end up triggering an argument.

Financial speculations are to be avoided.
Gemini Today

You appear to be very creative today. You may want to make the most of this creativity at work and/or in your business dealings.

You should consider an older relative’s advice.

Your love life can go very well if you refrain from blaming everything on your loved one.
Cancer Today

You may be facing difficulties in the emotional and financial departments. Keep yourself together! You have every chance of working things out.

You would better consider your friends’ advice.
Leo Today

Unexpected events might occur before noon and make you reschedule everything you had planned for today. You may have to go on a business trip, which is likely to upset your loved one.

You should remain calm and try to be more understanding.
Virgo Today

This morning you could show determination to implement some of your great plans.

You should avoid getting into arguments today, since they might easily turn into fights.

During the afternoon you may get along very well with younger people. Try to avoid making promises that you’re not certain you can keep.
Libra Today

Today could be very good for you, with significant achievements in the social and financial departments. Make the most of this favorable time, but don’t push your luck!

You might have to go on a trip on very short notice. Don’t hesitate! This trip can give you the opportunity to meet someone who’ll help gain important business information.
Scorpio Today

Special events could occur today, changing your life for the better.

This morning you seem to be working hard and earn yourself appreciation at work.

During the evening you might make a major decision regarding a matter of the heart. You can rely on intuition, while a friend’s advice may also prove very helpful.
Sagittarius Today

You are likely to be very successful in a business trip. Try to be as tolerant as possible with people accompanying you.

During the afternoon you could manage to solve an old emotional issue.

You have no real reason to feel concerned about your financial situation. The money you are lacking is likely to come when you need it most.
Capricorn Today

This morning you may be pretty cranky. You could behave rather rudely with your loved one and start an argument.

Try to avoid business activities and meeting with friends.

An older person could appreciate your decision to take proper care of your health.
Aquarius Today

You seem to be quite enthusiastic at work. Workmates might not like it, though.

Your loved one may get upset with your being so career-oriented. Make sure you’re not neglecting your mate’s problems!

With patience you can solve any misunderstanding.
Pisces Today

You may tend to neglect your love life because of the need to earn more. You might even have an argument with your loved one.

You should avoid making hasty decisions. Try to reach a compromise between making money and having a love life!

Looks like you’re going to visit some relatives this evening.

Via: eAstrolog

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