Horoscope for Today Friday, September 29, 2017

The Mars-Moon trine brings about positive energies which could prove useful when it comes to strenuous work and social activities.

You may want to get started on some chores. Don’t hesitate, especially if you already postponed such activities several times!

Aries Today

Before noon, you may have to go on an unscheduled trip. Chances are you’ll face a series of obstacles, but will probably manage very well.

Your love life might become somewhat tense. You should talk everything over calmly with your loved one.
Taurus Today

You seem to be full of energy and your ideas are appreciated.

You might be invited to go on a short trip with some friends.

Seize any opportunity to relax! Thinking about expenses? Money should be no issue, and you deserve to unwind.
Gemini Today

It seems you’re about to set out on a journey and your family will make lots of preparations.

An older relative trying to interfere with your plans might upset you. Some of their advice, though, might prove useful.

During the evening, when things slow down, you could pay a visit to friends. You need to catch up with some sleep, you know.
Cancer Today

Good news for you this morning: it seems you’re about to receive some money. Your loved one will probably be happy about that.

It’s a good time for you to make plans for the future and meet with friends.

You should pay due attention to the needs of younger family members.
Leo Today

There’s a good chance you’ll reap the benefits of your involvement in a project.

Your love life may not unfold very smoothly during the afternoon. Don’t worry! A close friend can help you overcome the situation.

You should pay more attention to chores.
Virgo Today

After a less than favorable term in your love life, your luck seems to have returned. You might meet someone who’ll win your heart at first sight. This could be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

Everything seems to be fine in the financial department. However, this isn’t a good time for trying to earn extra income.
Libra Today

Financial difficulties seem to bother you.

You seem to be in very good intellectual shape. You should make the most of it and dedicate your time to education and projects for the future.

Your social skills are most likely great today and you get the chance to make new friends. Intuition is your ally.
Scorpio Today

You are likely to have a very busy time with lots of problems to deal with. Make a detailed action plan in order to avoid wasting your energy!

Although you can be very efficient, you may want to accept your friends’ support.

An older family member might give you a gift during the afternoon – possibly some money.
Sagittarius Today

You seem to be in a very good mood and able to perfectly relate to everybody around. However, your financial situation might be upsetting you.

You can succeed in all your social and domestic activities.

During the evening you might go to a party. Be careful and avoid jokes that could hurt other people’s feelings!
Capricorn Today

Creativity could help you succeed in business. All future plans that you work on today are likely to be implemented soon and help earn extra.

Pay due attention to your loved one’s needs! Making money doesn’t have to mean having no personal life.
Aquarius Today

Charisma will help you be successful today.

You can be very efficient in business as well as domestic activities.

Try to avoid arguing with family members.
Pisces Today

The opportunity might arise to get involved in a new activity which will bring you significant professional and financial benefits.

You’ve been working very hard, but your workmates may not be too happy about it.

Don’t attempt to exceed your physical limitations! It might affect your health.

Via: eAstrolog

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