Horoscope for Today Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Moon-Venus trine increases the significance of love and kindness, and brings to attention the matters of the heart.

Kindness is likely to prevail today.

Aries Today

You might have the opportunity to make a major decision in the love department that could change your life.

A close person may offer a gift which will make you very happy.

Friends might invite you to a party during the evening.
Taurus Today

You could have a strong desire to make a change or start on something new.

You may be having a difficult time, with a lot of issues to solve. Your financial situation is not very good, but you have no real reason to worry.

Financial speculations are to be avoided!
Gemini Today

An older relative might advise you to moderate your desire of obtaining more benefits at any cost.

Dedicating all your time to obtaining material gains might not be a very good idea. Nothing is worth neglecting one’s family and friends.

You should also pay more attention to education and your love life.
Cancer Today

You might be about to enter a new stage in your social and love life. Meeting with younger people, communicating with your significant other, and traveling are favored.

You have a strong desire to make a change. This is the right time to start a new business project.

You should be cautious about your expenses.
Leo Today

Today is not favorable for investments.

Avoid speculations of any kind! You shouldn’t seek easy money, or you’d be running the risk of getting in trouble with the law.

During the afternoon you might have guests. Your love life will give you special satisfaction.
Virgo Today

The current star pattern favors your social and emotional relationships.

Your schedule might change during the afternoon, since you’ll be invited to a party. You’d better not neglect your need for rest!
Libra Today

During the morning you’ll be determined to solve a long-postponed family issue. You’ll have to make several short trips and spend a significant amount of money.

You might feel you are running out of time, but you’ll manage to complete all your tasks in due time.

You should take good care of your wallet, because you’re prone to losing it.
Scorpio Today

You intend to start on something new. This is a favorable time for intellectual activities. You’ll have the opportunity to stand out in society.

Chances are you’ll be noticed by a special person of the opposite sex. You should be cautious.
Sagittarius Today

Benefic changes may happen in your love life.

You’ll be more sociable than usual and will have the opportunity to begin a relationship with someone special. This relationship could even lead to marriage.

During the afternoon you might encounter a minor health issue. You shouldn’t be too worried: it will pass by next morning.
Capricorn Today

During the morning you could feel worn out. You should avoid making major decisions, especially regarding business. Avoid challenging activities and stick to routine!

During the evening you might pay a visit to a very dear person and you’ll manage to unwind.
Aquarius Today

This morning you might cash in a significant amount of money from a business of yours. You are, however, advised against making major investments or long trips.

You may want to spend the afternoon together with your loved one. A pleasant surprise would be a good idea!
Pisces Today

Although you’ll be very busy, you have the energy needed in order to complete your tasks. Determination will allow you to overcome any obstacle.

Your financial status might be less than satisfactory, but you shouldn’t take it too seriously.

You should communicate more with your loved one.

Via: eAstrolog

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