Signs He’s Only With You For The Sex

The dating world is and always will be confusing.  It’s difficult to understand intentions, flirting techniques, emotions, and intentions—only mentioned again because it’s so important—especially when your partner is only interested in one thing: getting laid.  How do you navigate a “relationship” if he’s only with you for the nookie?  Here are 15 telling signs he’s only with you for the sex. Are there any signs we missed? Let us know in the comments!

No cuddling allowed. If he’s quick to run to the bathroom or roll over to the other side of the bed after doing the dirty deed, then he’s avoiding intimacy. Cuddling is a great and relaxing way to just be with someone, with no one expecting any monkey business. But he’s not interested in anything but monkey business. He’s a monkey!

He makes sure you don’t leave anything at his house. Men know the game, or at least they think they do. They don’t want women leaving a hairbrush or a bottle of conditioner in the bathroom because that means you might be back someday with an intention other than sleeping with him.

He throws out the stuff you do leave at his house. If you somehow manage to get through his security system of not leaving things in his room, then he’s definitely going to throw your stuff out before you return. “What shampoo bottle?” he’ll ask, playing dumb. He knows damn well what shampoo bottle.

You never meet his friends. There’s a reason why you haven’t met or even heard of his friends—because once you meet them it becomes “serious.”

He only texts after 1 a.m. Even if he texted a little after midnight, he might be in the clear, but 1 a.m. is a designated “Let’s fall asleep together” time.

He becomes upset when you actually want to “Netflix and chill.” Putting aside two full hours of hanging out just to watch some movie you chose? What?!

He’s always trying to get into your pants. If he takes every single opportunity to participate in his favorite activity, sexual intercourse, then he’s only interested in his favorite activity.

You never sleep over at his place. Assuming you’ve ever been to his place, you definitely haven’t slept over if it’s he’s just with you for the dirty deed. His roommates might see you! His parents might call you “sweetie!” His secret wife and five children might be confused by your presence!

He only compliments the way you look. You’re more than just a clothes rack, you know. If he’s always talking about how great you look in those pants, or how nice your hair is, then it’s very possible that he doesn’t care about anything but that stuff.

He’s always “busy” when you text him something serious. If he’s always conveniently busy or “too tired to talk” then he’s doing his best to ignore your feelings without seeming like he’s ignoring his feelings.

You’ve never been on a real date. If he considers you his boyfriend, then he’d take you out somewhere. Ordering pizza doesn’t count, and neither does Chinese food, unfortunately.

Every conversation gets flirty and/or sexual. It’s his form of getting into your pants when he’s forced to actually talk to you. When a texting conversation suddenly gets a “So what are you wearing?” then, well…

He doesn’t really care about anything you suggest. If this is true, then lose him even if he does consider himself your boyfriend!

Foreplay doesn’t exist to him. He comes over, you greet each other, and then it’s off to the bedroom to do the thing he wants the most. Nothing romantic, not even a touch or kiss in an intimate area, no. He just wants what’s in-between your legs.

He asks you to meet up with him, only for you two to leave once you arrive. In order to trick you, he asked you to come out and meet up with him at some bar. But once you get there, you realize he’s closing his bill out and was just looking for someone to go home with, not to hang out with. And you got dressed for nothing!


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