Horoscope for Today Monday, September 25, 2017

The Moon-Venus square predisposes to conflict in one’s love life as well as social conflicts. However, the outcome might be positive.

You should do your best to avoid any arguments.

Aries Today

You may go through some tense situations caused by a misunderstanding with one of your workmates or partners.

Today you may find it difficult to focus. You should postpone making major decisions.

It would be wise for you to avoid getting into arguments.


Taurus Today

You might be bothered by a task you have to complete urgently.

Canceling a trip that was planned for today could affect your love life. Your loved one might not believe you’re really busy.

You should keep calm and be patient.


Gemini Today

A business trip you’re on could be successful, provided you avoid controversies with those accompanying you.

During the afternoon you might manage to solve an old emotional issue.

You shouldn’t worry about money. It will probably soon come your way.


Cancer Today

During the morning you seem to be edgy and might hurt your loved one’s feelings. Apologize and avoid a quarrel!

Today is not favorable for business deals or meeting friends.

This afternoon you could decide to take care of your health, much to the satisfaction of one of your parents.


Leo Today

You could be in a bad mood because a business project has failed.

You might have a heated argument with your loved one if you decide to change your schedule on very short notice.

Stick to activities that aren’t too challenging and pay more attention to your need for rest!


Virgo Today

You might not be in very good shape and tend to have a short fuse.

Today isn’t favorable for making major decisions or plans for the future. You shouldn’t sign any official paper.

Avoid getting into arguments!


Libra Today

You might get into arguments with your family because of certain financial difficulties. To avoid unpleasantness consider the needs of all family members!

You shouldn’t get involved into more activities at once, or you might complete none successfully.

Pay more attention to your need for rest!


Scorpio Today

Your communicational skills don’t seem to be at their best today. It would be better to postpone all meetings.

You shouldn’t get involved in important endeavors that require smooth talking.

On the other hand, you could be able to solve family issues pretty easily.


Sagittarius Today

The enthusiasm you show today might make some people envious.

There might be an argument with your loved one because you’ve been spending too much time in the company of friends.

You should pay more attention to your family.


Capricorn Today

You could face difficulties in your social life and be involved in an argument. Try to avoid fights!

You may want to accept the support offered by friends and family, in order to complete all your tasks for today.


Aquarius Today

During the morning you could be confused due to emotional issues.

You might get the chance to gain some money from part-time jobs, but you should remain cautious.

Consider the advice of a more experienced person!


Pisces Today

You may be edgy without a real reason, and tempted to act on impulse. You risk hurting the feelings of an elder lady from your circle.

You shouldn’t get involved in business activities or sign official documents today.

During the evening you could make the right decision regarding a trip.


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