Horoscope for Today Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Moon-Mercury sextile brings about more energy for social and intellectual activities. So you might have a feeling that your mind is sharper than usual.

This is a good day for devising plans for the future. You may consider this to be a favorable day for business, particularly for well-planned projects.

Aries Today

Today you are likely to have a busy time with a lot of problems to solve. You can manage to make some changes at home to improve the atmosphere in your family.

During the afternoon you might feel tempted to buy a valuable item. Be careful: this isn’t a good time to make investments!

Keep in mind that you need to rest more!
Taurus Today

You seem to be very determined and could manage to complete an important task.

During the afternoon you might have the opportunity to make yourself noticed in society. Everybody is likely to appreciate your initiatives.

You should pay due attention to your domestic duties.
Gemini Today

This morning you might be in an excellent mood, and relationships could be going great.

You have good chances at succeeding in all domestic and social activities. Finances seem to be the only department worrying you.

During the evening you may decide to visit friends. Avoid making risky jokes!
Cancer Today

This morning, your love life may become somewhat tense. Don’t worry! An older relative can help you clear up all misunderstandings.

A profitable investment could bring you significant benefits.

Spare yourself, or you may experience a burnout!
Leo Today

Your efforts at work are likely to be appreciated by workmates and higher-ups. You have good chances at successfully completing all your tasks.

Your financial situation might not be very good, but you seem determined to turn things around. You’d better make the most of all the opportunities coming your way!
Virgo Today

Determination should help you achieve everything you set out to.

You might gain significant financial benefit and have good chances at making yourself noticed in society.

Relationships with your loved one and friends will most likely go very well.

Avoid excesses, because you seem prone to digestive problems!
Libra Today

You might have the opportunity to make important changes in the social and love life departments.

You seem to be a great team player and may succeed in social activities.

You should avoid going overboard. Don’t take any chances today, or you could lose a profitable deal!
Scorpio Today

You seem to be very busy, but should manage to cope with it all.

You may feel concerned about your financial situation, but you will most likely manage to overcome all difficulties.

Today you can rely on intuition. When making major decisions, consider your loved one’s opinions!
Sagittarius Today

You could manage to solve a matter of the heart that’s been bothering you for a while.

A close friend might offer you the chance to join in a new business. You should accept the offer, because you’re likely to gain significant financial benefits.

During the evening you and your love one may visit friends.
Capricorn Today

You can be successful on a short business trip. Try to be careful and avoid arguments with business partners.

During the afternoon you could manage to solve an old emotional issue.

In the financial department you have no reason for concern. However, you may want to be cautious about your expenses.
Aquarius Today

Important changes may occur, especially in the social and love life departments. You will probably co-operate very well with your business partners and meet important people.

During the afternoon you might make a major investment for your home. You may want to consider your loved one’s advice.

This evening you might receive good news from a family friend.
Pisces Today

Chances are you’ll have to change your schedule several times. Don’t worry! Everything should turn out in your favor eventually.

You may have the opportunity to meet an older person who could help you solve a professional problem.

Try to consider your loved one’s opinion on domestic issues.

Avoid arguments with a lady from your circle!

Via: eAsstrolog

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