Daily Astrology Predictions for Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Moon-Mars sextile emphasizes the importance given to social issues and may even lead to exaggerations.

You should pay more attention to your social and love life. However, try to avoid blowing things out of proportion!
Aries Today

You may be pretty unhappy about events occurring around you, and tend to be rather cranky as a result.

Keep your temper in check and do your best to avoid overreacting! Don’t argue with your loved one, no matter what!
Taurus Today

You might tend to criticize everybody and blow things out of proportion.

This afternoon you might be preparing for a personal trip.

Your good mood should return during the evening.
Gemini Today

This morning you seem to be prone to making blunders. You might disappoint a close friend.

You should stop looking for holes in your loved one’s coat.

You may want to consider the advice of an older family member, even if you don’t like it.
Cancer Today

Perhaps you’re concerned about the shortage of funds you’ve been experiencing lately. However, you have no reason to worry.

During the afternoon a close relative could lend you a big sum of money or offer you a part time job that may prove to be very profitable.

You should have patience and rely on intuition.
Leo Today

You may tend to be too pushy with those around and become annoying as a result.

A misunderstanding with a close friend might give you food for thought. Ask yourself if you’re not the one overreacting!

You should keep calm and be careful in order to avoid useless arguments.
Virgo Today

You might tend to pay too much attention to trifles, and overreact. Try to step back and take it easier! Any unjustified worries could affect your health.

Try to find ways and means to relax more. If you get the chance to go out with your loved one, don’t hesitate!
Libra Today

You might make several short trips in both professional and personal interest. Your loved one may not agree with your intention to buy an expensive item.

You could be agitated and tend to overreact.

You should avoid arguments and consider the advice of your loved ones.
Scorpio Today

Maybe you’re worn out and unable to keep your cool. You might tend to get into arguments with those around.

Try to keep your temper in check or you could end up turning friends into enemies!

The best thing to do is spend the afternoon with your loved one and family.
Sagittarius Today

Your tendency to overreact could get you in trouble.

Today you should try to avoid business deals and social engagements, because your chances to succeed are slim.

Keep calm!
Capricorn Today

It might be difficult to focus. Avoid getting involved in more activities at once, or you may have unpleasant surprises!

Stick to routine activities and take all the help you can get from workmates!

This evening you may receive unexpected guests whom you’re not quite fond of.
Aquarius Today

A close friend can help regain your good mood and optimism by offering you a part time job.

Try to finish what you started, and pay due attention to family matters! You should listen patiently to your loved one’s opinions.

There might be a misunderstanding with a neighbor this evening.
Pisces Today

You might tend to overreact this morning.

A trivial matter you discuss with a workmate may turn into a serious argument. You can avoid that if you don’t try to impose your own views on others.

Maybe you should postpone business trips and meeting friends, as well as challenging activities.

Via: eAstrolog

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