Horoscope for Today Friday, September 22, 2017

The Mercury-Pluto trine favors intellectual endeavors and taking initiative.

This is the right time for initiating actions that require intensive long-term efforts, particularly those requiring hard thinking.

Aries Today

This is the right time to focus on your domestic duties and decline any invitation to go out with friends.

You can rely on intuition when tackling difficult issues, but you may want to consider your loved one’s suggestions as well.

A close friend could ask for your help regarding a health issue.


Taurus Today

You seem to be in very good intellectual shape.

Relationships should go very well today. You seen to be willing to listen to other people’s complaints and give advice. Avoid making promises you’re not sure you can keep!

Relatives could invite you to a party during the afternoon.


Gemini Today

You may initiate a new business project and make long-term investment plans. You could benefit from the support of your friends and loved one.

Avoid speculations of any kind!

Be patient! Results of your efforts should start showing soon.


Cancer Today

Your loved one will most likely appreciate your original ideas.

You seem to be very efficient today and manage to successfully complete everything you start on.

You might face some minor difficulties of a financial nature. There’s no real reason to worry, because you’ll benefit from the support of an older family member.


Leo Today

Today is favorable for initiating new activities, particularly at home. But first of all you may want to complete what you’ve already started.

Your communicational skills seem to be excellent and could help make new friends.

This isn’t the time to make major decisions on your own.


Virgo Today

Your intellectual resources might be affected by the difficulties you seem to be facing when it comes to partnerships.

You can gain some financial benefits if you manage to focus.

Try to be cautious and consider other people’s advice.


Libra Today

Today is good for making important changes. You might have the chance to assert yourself in society.

Traveling and education are favored as well.

You should express yourself clearly in order to avoid misunderstandings.


Scorpio Today

You seem to be quite practical and it may allow you start a new profitable business project.

A close friend might offer the opportunity to join in a long-term project. You should consider the proposal carefully, no matter how tempting it seems.

Jumping to decisions would only cause regrets later on.


Sagittarius Today

Today you could achieve a lot in the social and financial departments. Make the most of such favorable circumstances!

You might have the opportunity to go on a trip. Don’t hesitate, because it could prove to be beneficial to your career!


Capricorn Today

This is a favorable time for you in all regards. You could have the chance to gain unexpected financial benefits and assert yourself in society.

The relationship with your loved one seems to be going very well, and this is keeping your morale high.

You should keep a level head.


Aquarius Today

You seem to be in very good shape and manage to adapt to new situations.

You could get the chance to solve long-postponed personal issues. Moreover, you might be in a position to inspire and encourage others.

Today is favorable for talking things over with your friends and family. Make sure you don’t become annoying!


Pisces Today

You could have the opportunity to solve issues that you had to postpone lately.

During the afternoon you may be given the opportunity to join in a profitable business. You should take the offer, because it may help you improve your budget.

Via: eAstrolog

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