Horoscope for Today Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Mercury-Neptune opposition renders decision-making more difficult, predisposes to conflicts and day-dreaming.

It also increases one’s desire to find the truth.

Aries Today

You might have to make a difficult decision this morning: you could be offered a good part-time job, but your loved one won’t agree to the extra working hours. Think twice before making the final decision!

Avoid eating too much!
Taurus Today

You are likely to complete an important task. Solving family problems may prove to be troublesome.

This isn’t the time to buy a valuable item. You should wait for your financial situation to improve.
Gemini Today

You may intend to take on more responsibilities at work, but you seem afraid that your boss wouldn’t agree. Ties with workmates might become somewhat tense.

You should think twice before taking action. Try to get your priorities straight.
Cancer Today

Higher-ups could appreciate your performance at work, but workmates won’t be happy about it.

This isn’t the time to speak your mind.

During the afternoon you are likely to pay a visit to an older relative. Be careful with anything you say, in order to avoid an argument!
Leo Today

Try to not expect too much from a business, or you could end up being disappointed.

Before noon, unexpected events might occur which might interfere with your plans.

Keep calm! Any issue can be solved quickly, and during the evening you may recover your good mood.
Virgo Today

You may have to cancel a profession-related trip due to health issues. Your higher-ups can prove to be understanding.

Avoid arguments, or you might only make matters worse! You should pay more attention to your need for rest.
Libra Today

You might be facing some difficulties at work because of the rumors spread by a lady who envies you. You may want to confront a couple of your workmates.

You could recover your good mood during the evening, in the company of your loved one.
Scorpio Today

Intuition can help you find out why a close friend has changed attitude towards you.

Try to keep your temper in check! Fights won’t solve anything.

Avoid speculations of any kind!
Sagittarius Today

You may have to make a difficult decision in regard to a business partnership. An experienced person can give you valuable advice, helping you better understand that the financial benefits wouldn’t be worth your time.

You’d better spend more time with your loved one and family. You’ll be glad you did.
Capricorn Today

You could realize that a lady in your circle envies you. Starting an argument won’t get you anywhere. Try to be tactful.

Pay more attention to your need for rest in order to safeguard your health!
Aquarius Today

Relationships with your loved one and friends should be excellent.

Try to remain cautious in business. This isn’t the time to go for easy money.

During the afternoon you can have a good time in the company of your loved ones.

Don’t try to impose your strong views on others!
Pisces Today

You might receive a gift of great sentimental value. Chances are you’ll also receive a significant amount of money at work.

Personal trips aren’t favored today. You may feel tempted to spend too much, and risk arguing with your loved one.

You should pay more attention to the needs of younger family members.


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