Horoscope for Today Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The New Moon is auspicious for everything that requires discretion.

This is also a good day for dealing with secret projects that you don’t want anybody to know about.

This is the best time to quit smoking, to start a diet or a short-term project.
Aries Today

You’ll manage to stand out in society, and partnerships will go smoothly.

You’re keen to succeed and very determined. You’ll manage to close a long-term profitable deal.

Try not to criticize your loved one so often!
Taurus Today

You’ll be very inspired this morning. You’d better put your ideas to good use at work and in business.

Your love life can be very good provided you refrain from making unfair reproaches to your loved one.

A friend might visit you during the afternoon to ask for a loan. Be a friend in need!
Gemini Today

During the morning you might not be in a very good disposition and could have an unfair behavior towards your loved one. Keep yourself in check, or you’ll start a fight!

Your mind will be brilliant today. Use it!
Cancer Today

Your being enthusiastic at work might get on somebody’s nerves.

You might have an argument with your loved one because you seem to be too career-focused. Try to sort out all the misunderstandings calmly!
Leo Today

Because you want to earn more, you’ll tend to neglect your loved one, which might lead to a quarrel.

Think twice before making a major decision! There has to be a way for you to make money and have a life at the same time.

During the afternoon, relatives might invite you over. You’d have a good time and manage to unwind.
Virgo Today

You may have to leave on an unexpected trip due to a family matter.

Don’t hesitate! You might learn useful business information.

You should take advantage of this favorable time. You can succeed in both social and financial departments.
Libra Today

Unexpected events might occur that will bring about favorable changes for you.

You really want to succeed, and are working hard for it. Success is within your grasp.

This evening you might make a major decision regarding a matter of the heart. You should rely on intuition.
Scorpio Today

A business trip will bring excellent results.

You should avoid heated arguments.

You’ll manage to get the money you need in order to finish something you started a long time ago at home.

Avoid any speculation today!
Sagittarius Today

You might encounter difficulties in both the emotional and financial departments. Keep calm and don’t make hasty decisions!

You can rely on your friends’ advice.
Capricorn Today

Unexpected events may occur before noon, which will make you re-schedule everything you had planned for today. You may have to leave on a business trip, which is likely to upset your loved one.

Keep calm and avoid arguments, because they might end badly!
Aquarius Today

This morning you’ll feel enthusiastic and very determined.

It would be wise for you to avoid getting into arguments.

During the afternoon you’ll get along very well with younger people.

Avoid making promises that you’re not sure you can keep!
Pisces Today

A close friend might get angry with you because you haven’t paid back a debt when promised.

You should stay calm and focus on your priorities.

An older relative will offer timely support.

Via: eAstrolog

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