Horoscope for Today Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Mars-Moon conjunction predisposes to tension and anxiousness. Due to general higher degree of impulsivity, quarrels may turn into serious fights.

Keep calm and be sure to not act on impulse – you might regret it later!

Aries Today

Unexpected events might cause you to fall behind schedule.

You shouldn’t expect too much from a new business project, otherwise you could end up being disappointed.

Postpone any major decision until tomorrow!
Taurus Today

You might initiate an endeavor that will prove successful and profitable. It’s in your best interest to not criticize those from your circle.

Try to be more flexible when talking to workmates and your loved one!

During the evening you might find out that a close friend was involved in a car crash.
Gemini Today

An older relative has promised to lend you some money, but now they may be unable to keep that promise. Making a fuss is useless.

You should be more understanding.

Today you can rely on intuition.
Cancer Today

Your efforts as of late are finally appreciated by higher-ups.

The tense atmosphere around is giving you a hard time in society.

You should avoid meetings and parties, and drive very carefully.
Leo Today

Your loved one might be upset because of your spending too much on unnecessary items.

Keep your temper in check! Avoid getting into an argument with a lady from your circle!

You may want to pay more attention to family life and particularly to your loved one.
Virgo Today

You might be involved in a conflict at work because of the gossip spread around by one of your colleagues. You’d be better off keeping your temper in check, because the misunderstandings will soon be cleared up but hurt feelings might never be forgotten.

During the afternoon you might receive a significant amount of money, and you could manage to solve your financial issues.
Libra Today

You should be very careful when driving today. You might be at risk of getting involved in a car accident. It’s in your best interest to be more cautious than usual.

As for business, do you best to take no chances and avoid speculations!
Scorpio Today

During the morning you might be tense because of current issues at work. You have a lot on your hands and get hardly any support.

Make sure you don’t act or speak on impulse, which you might regret later!

During the afternoon you may learn about an acquaintance having been involved in a car accident.
Sagittarius Today

You might be involved in an argument with your higher-ups, and act on impulse. You should be more cautious.

You probably need to rest more. A burnout is the last thing you want.
Capricorn Today

During the morning you might find out that you’ll soon go on a business trip. Your loved one might feel it’s bad timing and get upset. You might even decide to postpone the trip.

Dedicating yourself completely to business might not be the best idea. It’s time you paid more attention to your family!
Aquarius Today

An argument with higher-ups might lead to the cancellation of a business trip that you were supposed to go on soon.

Today you might feel exhausted and quite tense.

You should avoid arguments – they could affect your health.
Pisces Today

You may feel frustrated because of the misunderstandings with a business partner. Communication is the key! You have a good chance at finding common ground.

You may want to follow the advice of your friends and try to be more flexible.

Pay more attention to your loved one’s needs!

Via: eAstrolog

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