Your Biggest Turn-On In The Bedroom, According To Your Zodiac

People love turning to their zodiac to learn more about themselves, but probably the most fun part about astrology is figuring out what your sign means for your sex life. Based on the traits of your sign, we’ve compiled a list of what we think your biggest turn-on would be in the bedroom. Spanking, oral, and even deep conversation all make the list, as well as many others. Do you know what the virgo wants and what gets the libra off? Find out which one you are right now! Did we get it right?

Aquarius. People under this sign love intellectual stimulation. They’ll be most turned on by a deep, intimate conversation. If their brain is working, their libido will, too.

Aries. Aries is a natural-born leader, so naturally they’ll like to dominate in the bedroom. Get ready to have your hair pulled and your face pushed into the pillow.

Cancer. Cancer is a very loving sign who deeply cares about their partner. They will be most turned on by making love, not just by having sex. The emotional connection is what does it for them.

Gemini. Gemini’s need to feel excitement inside the bedroom and out, so it’s only natural to assume that they’d be most turned on by role play. Get your acting skills ready.

Capricorn.Foreplay. Capricorn is a slow lover who likes to take his/her time. They’ll enjoy foreplay the most and they’ll probably tease the s*** out of you.

Sagittarius. People under this sign are fun and creative. Once they trust you, they’ll want to try every position in the book; the sex book, that is. Open up the Kama Sutra.

Leo. Leos like to take initiative and impose their will. Hello, Dom. Choking is what does it for a leo. As long as you make sure it’s safe and you’re both comfortable, it’s game on.

Libra. Libras will do whatever it takes to please their partners. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing this is oral. So if you like receiving oral and you’re in bed with a libra, you’re going to have a fun night.

Pisces. The pisces is a born romantic. Candles, rose petals – they’ll go the whole nine yards. Nothing makes them happier or more turned on than being sensual.

Scorpio. Scorpios are extremely passionate. Where the virgo likes to be dominated, the scorpio likes to do the dominating. A scorpio will spank you all night long.

Taurus. Taurus’s can be complicated but they love material things. In the bedroom, “material things” mean sex toys. Get freaky, friends!

Virgo. The virgo wants nothing more than to feel desired. Most likely, this person will be the submissive in the bedroom and will love anything that involves getting dominated.

Via: RebelCircus

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