Horoscope for Today Monday, September 18, 2017

The Venus-Uranus trine may bring about a certain emotional instability. But no matter how difficult a situation is, there’s always a way out.

One’s charisma will play an important part during the following days. Use it with much caution, because it may easily cause disasters or could just as well set things straight.

Aries Today

You may be going through a rough patch financially, but you’ll probably be very efficient in any intellectual activity. Today is favorable for education, working out projects for the future, communication, and improving friendships.

During the afternoon you should deal with the problems of younger family members. Today you can rely on intuition.

Taurus Today

You seem to be very busy today, and have a lot of problems to solve. Try to manage your time as efficiently as possible. No matter how keen your practical sense is today, you should accept whatever help comes your way.

During the afternoon you might receive a significant amount of money from an older relative.

Gemini Today

You seem to feel confident and very energetic. The intellectual and social departments could offer you special satisfaction.

Your love life is probably going very well. However, you should pay more attention to older family members.

Cancer Today

You seem to be full of energy and feel up to making intense physical effort. You may want to avoid overestimating your resources, in order to spare your health.

During the afternoon you might be invited to a party. Avoid arguments with your loved one!

Leo Today

You are likely to be very enthusiastic about your work and feel determined to successfully complete all tasks at hand. You have good chances at obtaining financial benefits and asserting yourself in society.

You can enjoy harmony and good understanding with your loved one.

You should remain balanced.

Virgo Today

This morning you’ll probably feel up to making huge efforts. Try not to overestimate your strength, or you might be in for unpleasant surprises.

During the afternoon you may receive guests or be invited to visit relatives. Don’t get too carried away and let the others speak as well!

Libra Today

You seem to be in a good mood, and relationships with others should go smoothly. You have good chances to succeed in domestic and social pursuits.

The financial situation may not be very satisfactory, but it can improve soon.

During the evening you could go to a party. Avoid making risky jokes!

Scorpio Today

Your creativity can prove to be very useful in business. The plans you have devised regarding a new investment might soon be implemented and eventually bring you significant benefits.

On the other hand, you may tend to neglect your loved one’s needs.

Sagittarius Today

You can succeed in commercial activities. Investments for home are favored as well.

You should avoid arguments with an older family member who may not like your ideas.

Capricorn Today

You might have to go on an unexpected profession-related trip. In spite of all the difficulties that you may face, you can manage very well and accomplish all tasks.

During the morning, things with your better half could become somewhat tense because of the sudden change of schedule.

Aquarius Today

You seem to be full of energy, and people will probably appreciate your ideas.

If invited on a short trip, you should accept without hesitation. Even if this would mean spending more money than you might like to, you deserve to relax for a while.

Pisces Today

Your productive cooperation with a business partner could start showing results. You should manage to successfully complete an important task.

During the afternoon, tensions might affect your love life. Don’t worry: a relative can help you easily overcome this difficult moment.

Try to pay more attention to your need for rest and to domestic duties.

Via: eAstrolog

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