Today in History

  • 456¬†‚ÄstRemistus, Roman general (magister militum), is¬†besieged¬†by a¬†Gothic¬†force at¬†Ravenna¬†and later executed in the Palace¬†in Classis, outside the city.
  • 1111¬†‚Äď Highest Galician nobility led by¬†Pedro Fr√≥ilaz de Traba¬†and the bishop¬†Diego Gelm√≠rez¬†crown¬†Alfonso VII¬†as “King of Galicia”.
  • 1176¬†‚Äď The¬†Battle of Myriokephalon¬†is fought between the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuk Turks.
  • 1382¬†‚ÄstLouis the Great’s daughter,¬†Mary, is crowned¬†“king” of Hungary.
  • 1462¬†‚Äď The¬†Battle of Ňöwiecino¬†(also known as the Battle of ŇĽarnowiec) is fought during¬†Thirteen Years’ War.
  • 1577¬†‚Äď The¬†Treaty of Bergerac¬†is signed between¬†Henry III of France¬†and the¬†Huguenots.
  • 1620¬†‚Äď The¬†Battle of Cecora (1620)¬†is fought between the¬†Ottoman Empire¬†and the¬†Polish‚ÄďLithuanian Commonwealth¬†during the¬†Polish‚ÄďOttoman War (1620‚Äď21).
  • 1630¬†‚Äď The city of¬†Boston,¬†Massachusetts¬†is founded.
  • 1631¬†‚Äď Sweden wins a major victory at the¬†Battle of Breitenfeld¬†against the¬†Holy Roman Empire¬†during the¬†Thirty Years’ War.
  • 1658¬†‚Äď The¬†Battle of Vilanova¬†is fought between the Portugal and Spain during the¬†Portuguese Restoration War.
  • 1683¬†‚ÄstAntonie van Leeuwenhoek¬†writes a letter to the¬†Royal Society¬†describing “animalcules”: the first known description of¬†protozoa.
  • 1775¬†‚ÄstAmerican Revolutionary War: The¬†Invasion of Canada¬†begins with the¬†Siege of Fort St. Jean.
  • 1776¬†‚Äď The¬†Presidio of San Francisco¬†is founded in¬†New Spain.
  • 1778¬†‚Äď The¬†Treaty of Fort Pitt¬†is signed. It is the first formal treaty between the United States and a¬†Native American¬†tribe (the¬†Lenape¬†or Delaware Indians).
  • 1787¬†‚Äď The¬†United States Constitution¬†is signed in¬†Philadelphia.
  • 1793¬†‚Äď The¬†Battle of Peyrestortes¬†is fought.
  • 1794¬†‚Äď The¬†Battle of Sprimont¬†is fought.
  • 1809¬†‚Äď Peace between Sweden and Russia in the¬†Finnish War; the territory that will become¬†Finland¬†is ceded to Russia by the¬†Treaty of Fredrikshamn.
  • 1814¬†‚ÄstFrancis Scott Key¬†finishes his poem “Defence of Fort McHenry”, later to be the lyrics of “The Star-Spangled Banner”.
  • 1849¬†‚Äď American¬†abolitionist¬†Harriet Tubman¬†escapes from¬†slavery.
  • 1859¬†‚ÄstJoshua A. Norton¬†declares himself “Norton I, Emperor of the United States.”
  • 1861¬†‚ÄstBattle of Pav√≥n¬†is fought.
  • 1862¬†‚ÄstAmerican Civil War:¬†George B. McClellan¬†halts the northward drive of¬†Robert E. Lee’s¬†Confederate Army¬†in the single-day¬†Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest day in American military history.
  • 1862 ‚Äď American Civil War: The¬†Allegheny Arsenal¬†explosion results in the single largest civilian disaster during the war.
  • 1894¬†‚ÄstBattle of the Yalu River, the largest naval engagement of the¬†First Sino-Japanese War.
  • 1900¬†‚ÄstPhilippine‚ÄďAmerican War:¬†Filipinos¬†under¬†Juan Cailles¬†defeat Americans under¬†Colonel¬†Benjamin F. Cheatham Jr. at¬†Mabitac.
  • 1901¬†‚Äď The¬†Battle of Blood River Poort¬†is fought.
  • 1901 ‚Äď The¬†Battle of Elands River¬†is fought.
  • 1908¬†‚Äď The¬†Wright Flyer¬†flown by¬†Orville Wright, with¬†Lieutenant¬†Thomas Selfridge¬†as passenger, crashes, killing Selfridge, who becomes the first airplane fatality.
  • 1914¬†‚ÄstAndrew Fisher¬†becomes¬†Prime Minister of Australia¬†for the third time.
  • 1914 ‚Äď World War I: The¬†Race to the Sea¬†begins.
  • 1916¬†‚Äď World War I:¬†Manfred von Richthofen¬†(“The Red Baron”), a¬†flying ace¬†of the German¬†Luftstreitkr√§fte, wins his first aerial combat near¬†Cambrai, France.
  • 1924¬†‚Äď The¬†Border Protection Corps¬†is established in the¬†Second Polish Republic¬†for the defence of the eastern border against armed¬†Soviet¬†raids and local bandits.
  • 1925¬†‚ÄstFrida Kahlo¬†suffers near-fatal injuries in a bus accident in Mexico, causing her to abandon her medical studies and take up art
  • 1928¬†‚Äď The¬†Okeechobee hurricane¬†strikes southeastern¬†Florida, killing more than 2,500 people. It is the third deadliest natural disaster in United States history, behind the¬†Galveston hurricane of 1900¬†and the¬†1906 San Francisco earthquake.
  • 1930¬†‚Äď The¬†Ararat rebellion¬†is suppressed.
  • 1932¬†‚Äď A speech by¬†Laureano G√≥mez¬†leads to the escalation of the¬†Leticia Incident.
  • 1939¬†‚Äď World War II: The¬†Soviet Union¬†joins¬†Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland during the¬†Polish Defensive War¬†of 1939.
  • 1939 ‚Äď World War II:¬†German submarine¬†U-29¬†sinks the British aircraft carrier¬†HMS¬†Courageous.
  • 1940¬†‚Äď World War II: Following¬†Nazi Germany’s defeat in the¬†Battle of Britain,¬†Hitler¬†postpones¬†Operation Sea Lion¬†indefinitely.
  • 1941¬†‚Äď World War II: A decree of the¬†Soviet¬†State Committee of Defense, restoring¬†Vsevobuch¬†in the face of the¬†Great Patriotic War, is issued.
  • 1941 ‚Äď World War II: Soviet forces enter¬†Tehran¬†marking the end of the¬†Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran.
  • 1944¬†‚Äď World War II:¬†Allied¬†Airborne troops parachute into the Netherlands as the “Market” half of¬†Operation Market Garden.
  • 1944 ‚Äď World War II: Soviet troops launch the¬†Tallinn Offensive¬†against Germany and pro independence Estonian units.
  • 1944 ‚Äď World War II: German forces are attacked by the Allies in the¬†Battle of San Marino.
  • 1948¬†‚Äď The¬†Lehi¬†(also known as the Stern gang) assassinates Count¬†Folke Bernadotte, who was appointed by the¬†United Nations¬†to mediate between the Arab nations and¬†Israel.
  • 1948 ‚Äď The¬†Nizam of Hyderabad¬†surrenders his sovereignty over the¬†Hyderabad State¬†and joins the¬†Indian Union.
  • 1949¬†‚Äď The Canadian steamship¬†SS¬†Noronic¬†burns in¬†Toronto Harbour¬†with the loss of over 118 lives.
  • 1954¬†‚Äď The novel¬†Lord of the Flies¬†by¬†William Golding¬†is first published.
  • 1957¬†‚ÄstMalaysia¬†joins the¬†United Nations.
  • 1961¬†‚Äď The world’s first retractable-dome stadium, the¬†Civic Arena, opens in¬†Pittsburgh,¬†Pennsylvania.
  • 1961 ‚ÄďThe¬†Minnesota Vikings¬†play and win their first regular season National Football League game.
  • 1965¬†‚Äď The¬†Battle of Chawinda¬†is fought between Pakistan and India.
  • 1974¬†‚ÄstBangladesh,¬†Grenada¬†and¬†Guinea-Bissau¬†join the¬†United Nations.
  • 1976¬†‚Äď The first¬†Space Shuttle,¬†Enterprise, is unveiled by¬†NASA.
  • 1978¬†‚Äď The¬†Camp David Accords¬†are signed by¬†Israel¬†and¬†Egypt.
  • 1980¬†‚Äď After weeks of strikes at the¬†Lenin Shipyard¬†in¬†GdaŇĄsk, Poland, the nationwide independent trade union¬†Solidarity¬†is established.
  • 1980 ‚Äď Former¬†Nicaraguan¬†President¬†Anastasio Somoza Debayle¬†is killed in¬†Asunci√≥n, Paraguay.
  • 1983¬†‚ÄstVanessa Williams¬†becomes the first black¬†Miss America.
  • 1988¬†‚Äď The¬†1988 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXIV Olympiad are opened in¬†Seoul,¬†South Korea.
  • 1991¬†‚ÄstEstonia,¬†North Korea,¬†South Korea,¬†Latvia,¬†Lithuania, the¬†Marshall Islands¬†and¬†Micronesia¬†join the¬†United Nations.
  • 1991 ‚Äď The first version of the¬†Linux¬†kernel (0.01) is released to the¬†Internet.
  • 1992¬†‚Äď An¬†Iranian Kurdish¬†leader and his two joiners are¬†assassinated by political militants¬†in¬†Berlin, Germany.
  • 2001¬†‚Äď The¬†New York Stock Exchange¬†reopens for trading after the¬†September 11 attacks, the longest closure since the¬†Great Depression.
  • 2006¬†‚ÄstFourpeaked Mountain¬†in Alaska erupts, marking the first eruption for the long-dormant volcano in at least 10,000 years.
  • 2006 ‚Äď An audio tape of¬†a private speech¬†by Hungarian Prime Minister¬†Ferenc Gyurcs√°ny¬†is leaked to the public, in which he confessed that his¬†Hungarian Socialist Party¬†had lied to win the¬†2006 election, sparking¬†widespread protests¬†across the country.
  • 2011¬†‚ÄstOccupy Wall Street¬†movement begins in¬†Zuccotti Park, New York City.
  • 2016¬†‚ÄstTwo bombs explode¬†in¬†Seaside Park, New Jersey, and¬†Manhattan, New York. 31 people are injured in the Manhattan bombing.
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