Daily Astrology Predictions for Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Jupiter-Venus sextile may bring about subtle changes in the love department. It also favors creativity and increases the ability to understand deeper aspects of life.

This is the right time to make your artistic talents shine, whatever field of activity you’re currently in.


Your outstanding creativity could allow you to initiate a new project. You can succeed in the intellectual and emotional departments.

This is a favorable time for your artistic inspiration.

You’d better not neglect your need for rest!



This morning you may be more sensitive than usual, and interacting with people might be difficult.

Try to remain cautious in everything you do. Avoid making promises if you’re not sure you can keep them!

During the evening you should dedicate your time to a creative hobby.



Important changes may occur, giving you special satisfactions. Intense intellectual activity and special creativity could bring success in your social life.

During the afternoon you may have to make a major decision regarding your love life. You can rely on intuition.



This morning you seem to be very optimistic and show outstanding creativity.

Your artistic talent can allow you to assert yourself in society. You might meet someone important who could be of great help to you later on.

During the evening you may experience disappointment in your love life. Try to pay more attention to your loved one.



Today might be very busy. Your creative imagination can, however, allow you to get through everything you have to do.

You may feel worn out during the evening, but could have a good time in the company of your loved one.



You should be able to overcome all obstacles encountered. This is a favorable time for exams, artwork, and presentations.

Your love life is likely to go very well.

Try to pay more attention to younger family members.



You might have been planning to initiate a new business project, but could go through financial difficulties. Creativity and imagination can help you find a solution.

During the afternoon you may be disappointed in love.

You should avoid long trips.



Today is favorable for making plans for the future and getting noticed in society.

Your special sensitivity could make you pleasant company for friends and loved one.

Avoid making hasty decisions!



This morning you might be somewhat of a dreamer and tend to neglect important matters.

You shouldn’t get involved in new activities, because your decisions may not be the best.

Think twice before taking action, and rely on the support offered by an older family member!



Your creativity will most likely be appreciated today. It can prove very useful at work and in business.

You may want to consider a relative’s advice, especially in financial matters.

Family friends might visit this afternoon.



You may not be in a mood to communicate, and therefore want to postpone business meetings. Avoid taking chances, because you might bet on the wrong horse!

You need to relax. If friends invite you over, go for it!



You have good chances to succeed in domestic and social pursuits.

Workmates and your loved one seem to appreciate your ideas. Your communicational skills should be great and allow you to solve any problem easily.

You can make plans for the future, as long as you avoid speculations.


Via: eAstrolog

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