Since it’s 2001 debut -the HBO series bases on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” has become will will go down in the books as a cult classic series.

There is just something about taking the usual elements of any good drama series-you know, sex, money, betrayal and crime, and wrapping it all up in a mythical and classical medieval theme that insights outrageous intrigue.

You Know You Love It. Don’t Even Try To Deny It


Game of Thrones’ popularity has taken over.. It’s got it’s own culture, it’s own following, and a whole smorgasbord of entrees and sides servedup to theme which each Sunday viewing at the White Gold Butcher’s shop in New York City.

It’s only just a matter of time before award-winning series earns it’s very own theme park! (Think Harry Potter World on steroids and 18 and up) -You know you want it..

Yeah, It Really Is That Serious


Seriously, serious. So serious in fact, that one fan decided to take her very important, once in a lifetime opportunity and turn it into a GOT themed event-her wedding. (Now that is a REAL fan.)

Letting her love for the show become a part of one of the most important days of her life was a no-brainer for this true

Game Of Thrones fan.

That’s right, photographer, Katherine Elena, decided to have have a Game of Thrones themed photoshoot for her wedding…minus all of the blood and violence of course.

Are You Prepared To Witness This Incredible-ness?

Yes, for today-for this moment “incredible-ness” shall be deemed a word, okay?


Intrigued? Scroll On to see pictures from this medieval-themed  shoot…

This ‘Stan’ Didn’t Miss A Detail


Dinner, Anyone?


What’s on the menu? A medieval masterpiece complete with beef on the bone and goblets of wine to wash it down.

What A Lovely Bride


Look familiar? Looking like a true ‘Mother of Dragons, it’s safe to say she nailed her Khaleesi inspired look.

The Photos Are Nothing Less Than Iconic


She DID THAT-What A Way To Tie-The-Knot!


These two are looking absolutely radiant.

There’s Cake, And Then There’s…CAKE


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