If you were to be shown three photos: one each of President Donald Trump, and former U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush – you’d be able to pick out who’s who, right?

You probably might even know the difference between German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Queen Elizabeth, and Senator Hillary Clinton.

But what about if you were shown childhood photos of those same world leaders – would you guess them all correctly?


HINT: The U.S. Mourned This President’s Assassination In 1963

Answer: President John F. Kennedy

HINT: This Lovely Little Lady Still Has That Royal Smile!

Answer: Queen Elizabeth II

HINT: This Sweet Little Girl Will Grow Into The Leader Of One Of The World’s Strongest Economic Countries


Answer: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Hint: This Fresh-Faced Little Fella Would One Day Shock The World

Answer: President Donald J. Trump

Hint: This Guy Will Grow To Have Alleged Strong Ties With The Previous Kid

Answer: Russian President Vladimir Putin

Hint: That Angelic Smile Gives It Away

Answer: Pope Francis

Hint: She Became A Role Model For Young Women Interested In Politics

Answer: Senator (and former First Lady) Hillary Clinton

Hint: He Will Become A Part Of A Large And Powerful American Political Family

Answer: President George W. Bush

Hint: This Young Man Was Literally Born Into His Role

Answer: Prince Charles

Hint: This Historic President’s Charisma Was Evident Early!

Answer: President Barack Obama


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