Horoscope for Today

Daily Astrology Predictions for 
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Neptune-Moon square favors romanticism and sensitivity, but it also brings about confusion and diminishes practical sense.

You should pay more attention to matters of heart than to the material side of life. Try to postpone making major decisions!


This is not the time for meeting friends or making business deals. You might tend to be rather picky and in no mood to talk.

Postpone shopping and investments! You risk making bad decisions.

As for your love life, everything seems to be in order. But you should pay more attention to your loved one.



Try to not take on too many responsibilities! Success is an unlikely result for you today.

Fortunately, you can receive support from where you least expect it.

During the evening you could visit friends and manage to take a break from daily concerns.



During the morning you could be confused and experience communicational issues.

You can’t rely on intuition either, so you shouldn’t take any risks.

You’d better not neglect your need for rest! You really need to recharge your batteries.



Today is not favorable for investments and making plans for the future.

On the other hand, your love life could be particularly satisfying.

Avoid risky business today, because you could easily get in big trouble with the law.



This is not the right time for dealing with challenging activities, because you seem to lack practical sense.

Today you shouldn’t take initiative at work or in business. You might prove to be pretty uninspired.



This morning you could be confused and unable to get your message across. You should try to sort out your ideas.

Don’t try to surprise your loved one by buying a valuable item! You should make the decision together instead.



Although you feel in very good shape, you might not be as efficient as expected. You seem to not be that realistic today.

You shouldn’t push things, or you might trigger heated arguments.



You might receive a significant amount of money from an older family member and start making plans for the future.

Don’t make any hasty decision today, because you seem to lack practical sense – you might fail!

You should seek your loved one’s advice.



During the morning you could face some difficulties at work because of the inability to focus.

You should ignore the gossips around, because they could get you into trouble.

This afternoon your good mood could return. Chances are you will spend a romantic evening in the company of a person dear to you.



During the morning you could be confused and in a pretty bad mood. You should avoid taking risks, because your chances to succeed are slim.

Make the most of any opportunity to relax, one way or another!

Take care of yourself!



You seem to have great plans, especially in the financial department, but you can’t see any encouraging signs yet. Be patient and try to manage your time more efficiently!

You may want to consider the advice of an elder lady from your circle.

Pisces Tomorrow

During the morning you could tend to be oversensitive and impossible to please. Try to get over it as quickly as possible, or it might affect your relationships!

You should stop trying to impose your own views on your workmates.

A friend will bring some good news this evening and it’ll boost your morale.


Via: eAstrolog

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