The 3am Myth: Is It Really the Devil’s Hour?

If you’re a horror fan, you’ve probably seen a few movies where 3am has some significance to the plot.  Also known as the witching hour, 3am is when dark things happen.  Demons and hellish forces are at their strongest.  3:00 am is when we’re unprotected and there’s no one watching over us.  The door is unlocked for Satan to come in.  Especially if you wake up.  So, is the 3am myth just a horror movie trope, or is there more to it?

Do you tend to wake up at 3 am? 3 am is a time frequently selected by horror writers for a reason. It’s not uncommon for people to take up at 3, simply based on our circadian rhythm. So, if we have an “unexplained” tendency to wake up at 3 am, and we know that it’s supposed to be the witching hour, it’s the perfect plot device. It’s the darkest point in the middle of the night that frightens us. We’re vulnerable and wide awake in the dark.

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